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Wanted: NHT 3.3

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NHT 3.3

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for good condition set of NHT 3.3s.

Would settle for 2.9s if they are available.

I'm in SoCal, but willing to drive pretty far to pickup if necessary. Shipping $$$ OK with me (I know they are big and heavy).
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You seem to be interested in the woofer so you're probably aware of this, but I just thought I'd remind you that the 3.3 has a 12" woofer, while the 2.9 has a 10" woofer. The tweeter and midrange drivers are supposed to be the same in both models, but carefully hand-matched in the 3.3. (And no, you can't buy my 2.9s smile.gif )
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Yeah, had read in general the 2.9s are supposed to sound pretty close to the 3.3s.

So when I say settle, I don't mean that in a bad way. I know I'll be getting nearly the same sound with the added bonus that I can always make them surround speakers if/when I do finally snag a pair of 3.3s ... lol

I was 50/50 in 1997 or so when I bought the VT-2 HT setup vs buying a pair of 3.3s for $3400. The HT setup has served my family well and I don't have much regret. Just think every now and then it sure would be nice to have that one super duper stereo set ... so I come back to the 3.3 thing. I've seen a couple 2.9s for sale, but in both cases they were just a little to far to drive to (can't blindly send money on a Craigslist buy I wouldn't think).
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I agree: a blind-buy on Craigslist would be just too much of a gamble. There's no way to know how they've been treated. Best of luck!
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I do have a pair of 3.3's in the Chicago area. I have recently experimented with moving them further out from the wall and substantially improving the amplification and am enjoying them more than ever.
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Being close to the front wall is necessary to enhance the low frequency output of the side-firing woofers. Using a modern receiver or pre/pro with room equalization, an appropriate crossover frequency and a good subwoofer or two should reduce that restriction.
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It is a small room, near field listening, and I actually prefer the depth I can get in the soundstage by moving them out in the room. I am really drawn to depth in speakers. That said, I am enjoying the NHTs more than ever.
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I have a set of NHT 3.3s I bought right before my daughters were born and seldom used because of that.

Ended up mainly a home video guy.

They are in very good shape but I live in Kansas City and am not sure about shipping them.


816 509-8733
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Did you ever get a pair of 3.3's? I have a pair for sale in the Augusta, GA, area. I have the original shipping cartons.


Steve Gray


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not mine, just found while searching something else


$1500 in santa monica.
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