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Looking for a Dali "Mentor" Subwoofer

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Hi everyone,
i am looking to find a Dali Mentor Subwoofer somewhere that will not cost me a large sum of money.
Ive been every where online and nothing seems to come up. Is there anyone out there that may know a shop/website that i can buy it for relatively cheap?
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We are an authorized DALI dealer, and we have two Mentor subs in stock, both in cherry finish.
One of them was show stock, which means that the US distributor used it for 3 days at a trade show, repackaged it, and sent it to us.
The other one is brand new and factory sealed. We can give excellent prices on both, but in particular, the open box has an extra discount. You can reach me, my name is Jonathan at:

or try my cell # (508) 308-1260 and I'll quote you the price. It is the lowest price you will find, and the subwoofer will be covered by the full 5 year warranty and backed up by the authorized DALI distributor, called the Sound Organisation in Dallas, and by us, an authorized DALI retailer, we are Perfect Note Audio located in the Boston, MA area.

Thanks for your interest and I hope we can help, perhaps on the show stock unit at a great price.
The Mentor sub is a stellar subwoofer whose performance belies its relatively modest dimensions. You'll be amazed!

Best regards,
-- Jonathan
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Some how I think this is an advertisement.
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What are the odds!?
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- The domain name "perfectnoteaudio.com" was purchased on May 7, 2012, but no website exists.
- Perfect Note Audio is not listed on the Dali website.

But The Sound Organization does exist, and they should be able to confirm the legitimacy of this particular dealer.
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