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720p 3d hdmi 1.4 under $600

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Is there an option for a projector under $600 that will work with ps3 3d without a 3dxl or other add on?
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Is the gt750 my best bet? I just need the names of some 720p or 1080p projectors that support hdmi1.4. Thanks
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Several sites have search features allowing you to set criteria for what your looking for, (projectorcentral.com, projectorreviews.com) or call AVS here, but in that price range, the gt750 should do what you need at 720p. A 1080p pj will be more expensive by a couple hundred dollars. http://projectorreviews.com/optoma/gt750/competitors.php
Just fyi, hdmi 1.4 isn't really necessary for 3d, 1.4 standard update includes audio return channel, and ethernet over 1.3, so maybe you mean 1.3 unless those features are in your requirement. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI
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Thanks for the response. I was under the impression hdmi 1.4 was necessary for a 3d projector without getting an additional accessory. I think gt750 is the only 720p that supports this or the only one I can find on those sites. Would someone link me to a thread about add ons for the 720p projectors to make the ps3 work with them like the 3dxl or other options. Or just let me know the cheapest way to get 3d from the ps3 with the acer h5360 thanks
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I think the hdmi 1.4 is necessary if you just want to simply connect a 3d blu-ray player to your projector. Running 3d from your computer means you have the hardware and software to do so. If your 3d ready projector requires Nvidia drivers and you have an ATI, you got some more upgrades to do. Another major deterrent is that the 3dxl combined with a lower cost 3d ready projector usually costs more than the gt750.

Tread carefully.
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Cool I think gt750 is the way to go. Now I gotta talk the wife into letting me build an htpc lol
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don;t let bad info in this thread confuse you. The wiki link explains this, but you seem to already understand. HDMI 1.4 is absolutely required for plug and play 3D from consoles, set top boxes, blu ray players etc. 3D "ready" projectors work on 1.3 by acting as 120hz frame seqential displays, not using frame packing or other 3D encoding formats of 1.4. They work great with PCs, but not PS3. You can use 1.3 CABLES for 3D.

No projector "requires" nvidia drivers. Nvidia has a limited number of displays it supports. And you have to pay for the 3D support (or hack it with enablestereo.bat). AMD HD3D is free, as long as your card is newer. 6500? Check their website for specs.

the gt750 is the only option near your price. Acer did release a 5360BD, but not in the USA. One major concern with the 750 is slow color wheel if you are bothered by RBE.

What are you planning to use the HTPC for? Are you going with DLP-Link or IR/emitter glasses?

honestly, if you are going to spend 6-700 for outdated projectors+adapters, consider the benq1070. it is better in almost every way except price.

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Sue me for the bad info and my inability to utter technospeak. No, the projector doesn't require Nvidia, but I stand by my statement that displaying 3d content on 3D ready projectors opens a whole another can of worms for the uninitiated when a intermediary device is required. I happen to have a bit of a 3d glitch with a non projector 3d display that taught me quickly that there are many variables that can create pitfalls and obliterate what you thought was a savings.

Now, all I need is for the usual suspects to come in and say there's no such thing as hdmi 1.3 and 1.4 cables.
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I'd love to get the w1070 but the lowest I have seen it is $999 and my wife would have a cow about that kinda money. I really hope the color wheel doesn't bother me. I spent a whole weekend going to best buys and electronics stores that don't have pj's set up so is wasn't able to test. I thought about going non 3d but it just seems easier to get a pj I can just plug the ps3 into and get going. I actually don't even have a pc right now so that's why that option works. Thanks for all the information everyone. Keep It coming.
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They never have the gt750 up for testing. If you're hesitant go online and see if any of the Best Buys in your area have an open box gt750 available.
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I mean they don't have anything up for testing.
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I know they don't have the gt750 up for testing. The Magnolia room only has the Sony's and JVC's models connected. I don't if you can find any store that demo many projectors these days, especially the affordable models.
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Sonyad, i wasn;t criticizing, just clariying. Yes, 3D can be a puzzle. Especially on PC with inf, hacks, infinite combinations of drivers, projector settings, software configurations etc. PS3+1.4 is the easy way, and the GT750 isn;t the best projector, just the only one at that price. i don't recommend the 3dxl at all. 250 for $20 of chips that should have been in the projector to start with. For early adopters who already had a 3D ready projector sure, but not now.

and 3D can be expensive. glasses, blurays, etc. i mean, it looks really cool, but i ended up watching most games and videos in 2D after the novelty wore off. Less fatigue, better clarity. What I mean is i wouldn;t let 3D be the deciding factor in a projector purchase. I got the H5360 as a second projector to try it. Very happy with PC as a source but I haven;t used it in months.

xmagicalx. Have you seen a 3D projector in action? Where do you live? Not many stores offer a demo but i think it would really help you decide if you could make some actual comparisons.
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I'm in nc near Greensboro. I think Raleigh is the closest place. What would you recommend if I just go 2d? I can probably spend about $600 and I don't mind buying refurb or used.
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No harm. I get cranky, blow off some steam and then I'm over it. I'm not that into 3d either, but I knew I wanted see 3d content occasionally and I didn't want to be in a position of having to redo my whole purchase just to see that content.
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Originally Posted by xmagikalx View Post

I'm in nc near Greensboro. I think Raleigh is the closest place. What would you recommend if I just go 2d? I can probably spend about $600 and I don't mind buying refurb or used.

You can always keep your eyes peeled in the classified section here, their is a little older post, (not sure if it's still avail), for a new Viewsonic pro8200 (2D) $650 it is a DLP, http://www.avsforum.com/t/1451123/viewsonic-pro8200 Not a bad deal, new is around $800. I'd try to save up a couple more hundred and get a nice 1080p pj, like the Benq 1070 (3D) that was mentioned, or a Epson 8350 (2D) refurb from Epson $899, or last years Epson 3010 (3D)
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Just FYI as a GT750 owner I'm very happy with the unit. Great for 3D movie/gaming and good all-around. RBE is noticeable mostly on dark scenes with isolated bright lights but most of the time not distracting (it's pretty much non-existent in 3D mode.) That being said if I was to invest in a new unit I'd probably go with the BenQ 1070 (thought I really like the Optoma's RF 3D glasses.)
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It is a fine machine. I hust got a nice 92 inch Versatol tripod screen and gave the GT750 a workout this weekend, especially since someone made a claim that this was such a horrible projector. I thoroughly enjoyed the blu-rays I threw at it this weekend. The BenQ W1070 seems nice but it's not short throw and I'm a bit worried about the relatively high number of hardware problems with it. Right now I'm happy enough with the GT750 to not be antsy about upgrading.
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