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Newbie needs rear surrounds

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Hi everyone, new to forum and have been reading around a bit before signing up. I need some opinions on rear surround and zone 2 speaker options. I have been recently acquiring new equipment for basement of house we are moving to. Here's the specs on the basement and current equipment:

Finished basement with carpet 25x26x9; roughly half of space will be for ht and other for a bar area, but it's an open room. Attached picture from appraisal report (apologies on quality)

Setup will be mainly used for movies and tv, with music occasionally. I'd say 85-15, but I would like to be able to have zone 2 enabled by bar with two speakers. I am also trying to keep this within a smaller budget and have done pretty well so far with under 2,100 so far.

Equip so far:
Benq w1070 projector
Mythos 2 and 3 for LRC
Klipsch rw 12d
Onkyo tx-nr717

I was thinking of doing in ceiling rears and for zone 2 (def tech DI series?), but also would consider the gems. Question for all of you is what size in ceiling and feedback on any current similar setups.

Lastly, any views on speaker wire?

bsmt.jpg 26k .jpg file

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8 Inches Kevlar In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair) - w/ 15 Degree Angled Woofer at 90 bucks plus shipping.

Great deal. I liked they are Angled. They sound ok..especially since they are surrounds. So 100 bucks you should give them a try.

Unless you are doing multi channel music...surrounds just dont produce enough sound ...or require that high of fidelity to justify a high cost.

Now...if you are going for Multi-Channel music...that is a different story.

Please keep in mind...before peeps pile on top of me... I am making broad generalizations about surrounds that not everyone would agree with...but at 100 bucks ...shouldn't you at least try it?
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What are you using for LCR?

I saw HTD R65AIM are only $159 and also saw Polk RC80i for $99 on newegg. Anybody paired these with front Def Techs?
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Anybody else have rear surround in ceiling recommendations?
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