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Help with Samsung Slim Fit HDTV

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Hi, I need some help, is this fixable?. Thanks in advance!

samsung-slim-tv.jpg 23k .jpg file
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Most likely. What you are seeing is the effect of your TV being subjected to a magnetic field. To solve your problem, first try going to the menu with your remote and use the degauss feature. You should hear a familiar noise, the "bong" that you hear when turning the unit on. You might find that the discoloration improves only slightly; if this happens, don't get discouraged. Wait 30 minutes and try again. You might cure it if you degauss several times while it is in this location.

If this doesn't work, try powering it off and unplugging it. Then, move it to a new location, plug it in and power it on. Leave it on and observe it for about 30 minutes. If you find the discoloration goes away, then you will know there is a strong magnetic field near the previous location. You will have to scout around for things like power lines, cables, other appliances, speakers, or anything else that may be causing this strong magnetic field, then eliminate it. Alternatively, you could use the TV in this new location. You may also need to degauss at this new location; take note of any pattern, it might have discoloration in different places after you move it.

If neither of these fix your problem, it is possible the TV itself is the source of the field. This gets more complicated, but it should still be possible. Speakers are a common source of magnetic fields. If you have alternate means for audio, you can remove the speakers from the enclosure. It may also be possible to use newer speakers that do not interfere with the tube. Finally, permanently discolored screens can be fixed with a very strong magnet, or a degaussing wand. These options are what I consider a last resort however, as they can be tricky fixes to work with, and can possibly harm the image/screen even more.
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Hi, thanks for the help, sorry for being late, seems like it was reduced in 60%, but I have another issue. When watching wide screen content, the black bars are curved like the image. How can I fix it?, I know I can't make it perfect. Thanks in advance! geometry.bmp 517k .bmp file
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Geometry issues are almost a given with many widescreen CRTs. You can try the service menu to alleviate this somewhat. I don't remember offhand how to get to the service menu, but there is a standard button combination to do it, which works the same for all Samsung models, Google it or search the forum here to find it. If you go this route, you should use a camera to take photos of each and every setting before you change any one setting, or at least write them down. Each CRT has unique service menu settings, so there is no default to go back to if you happen to take one too far. Document your unique default settings before you become one of "those guys" who screw up their screen then search everywhere for default SM settings that don't exist.

Assuming the service menu isn't able to do it for you, I will mention that I have seen geometry adjusted by way of small magnets (similar to refrigerator magnets) taped to the side of the tube, but this is a dicey solution requiring some trial and error, and one that has the potential to cause other problems, like the discoloration that you first noticed.
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Also see if it changes when you adjust contrast. I've seen some CRTs where it fluctuates with white strength of the displayed image but the image within the black bars is fine.

Seems like they should have made a pre-factory tuning and post-factory tuning set of factory defaults with the pre- one being locked out for special use in some manner. I would have thought if you only had one it would be the tuned one. In my software radio design our pre- version was one that was statistically centered so it would work and be in the ballpark but not optimally tuned depending on the unit; never was it set to a 'zero' state, that only could be done in engineering development (software tables all or mostly set to zero).

Yeah I pulled some magnets off a CRT set I scrapped, the magnetism was so weak they wouldn't even stick to my fridge (they were magnetized though). Almost like they were just pieces of ferrite that acquired magnetism from being glued to the tube (?).
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Thanks for the replays, but before I enter the service menu, I want to know which options will help me to reduce the bowing in the image, do you know which ones?
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As for my reply, if it fluctuates with contrast changes you won't be able to fix it, only can reduce it's affect by reducing the contrast.
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I've tried that, but it's still curved, do you know which option can reduce the curved imkage in service menu?
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You've tried what? Who are you replying to?
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I tried adjusting the contrast by half but still has curved lines, any other advice?, Thank you for all the help!
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Thanks for the answer, but it seems that the link is broken, so can't download the manual. frown.gif. Do you have the manual?
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