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Breaking In The Plasma. Slides vs. No Slides Questions.

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So I was thinking about running slides but then I was wondering...
What is the difference in doing slides or just keeping the power on the T.V. ?
Could I just not turn the contrast down to like 45, turn it on a HD channel, Turn it on Zoom so that no movies with bars would show, and let it run
for 120hrs?

Do slides take less than 120hrs to break in the T.V. or does watching it naturally take alot more than 120 hrs?
And what about the ZOOM idea? Would that be a good idea to prevent any IR just in case of black bar movies?

The only channels I have in HD without logos are HBO channels. Most of their HD movies are in the right format so there are'nt black bars, but
one out of I'd say three do have black bars. Is there any reason NOT to put ZOOM on?

I really need all these questions answered so I can decide which way to go.
I'm waiting for the break in to be done before playing games and have my contrast set to 46 right now.

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Breaking in the TV is usually only used for calibration to more evenly age the pixels.......

If you are not doing the DNice\Pro calibration there is no real "need" to do the break in....

If you want to do it for peace of mind then watching HD content shoud be OK but truelly if you are trying to run the breakin you will want to use the slides, of which you can mix light viewing in (from what I have read) that is unless you are going DNIC calibration where you should just let the slides run.....People do it differently and some not at all....

Most of these questions have been asked before though and there are a number of threads including a sticky about Burnin\IR.....

Many people these days just enjoy the TV if theya re not doing Pro Calibration and never go throught he "break in" method...
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You don't need to run slides if you aren't going to use D-Nice's settings or it's not the main reason you're using slides. You're fine watching at a higher contrast, but it's probably only recommended if you are watching full-screen content with no logos or black bars. If you don't want to zoom or worry about what you're watching at all, then you would be fine using contrast around 50 for any content. Even at a lower contrast you will still want to keep your viewing material varied. If you do watch at a higher contrast I would advise you to use the Menu sparingly, you can get IR from it easier than you might think.
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I noticed most contrast settings by default are either 75 or 100.
What do most ppl set it at if they want it low for the break in period?
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