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I bought 5.1 JBL Surround Speaker and connected to Marantz Receiver. I used HDMI cord to connect to my laptop, but only the front left and front right speakers are working. (My central speaker, rear left and rear right speakers, subwoofers are not working). BTW, Im trying to use surround speaker with my laptop--not TV just for your reference.

Can anyone help? Here are the process I went through so far:

I am Windows 7 user.

1. I went to Control Panel
2. Hardware and Sound
3. Sound
4. clicked on mariantz-AVR (Configure)
5. Surround for Audio channels.
6. Went through all speaker testings

When I tested my speakers through the speaker set-up, all 6 speakers (including the subwoofer) worked just fine. It made all the "ding-ga-dong" sound. I don't know how many times I've gone through this to make them all work.

Yet, when I played the movie Lord of the Rings, or any music through Windows Media Players or any different media programs, only the front left and right speakers worked.

For sub-woofer, I don't think it's working fine because when I increase the volume of the subwoofer, it increases the base from the front left and right speakers, but the sub woofer won't produce the sound directly.

Please help!!