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So I have my HTPC by my main TV and it's running XBMC and pulling the shows from my Win7 PC that stores all my media. I love the way it looks and the way it works.

Downstairs I have my old Xbox with XBMC on it but it just isn't powerful enough to handle HD quality videos. I'm thinking about moving my 360 to the basement solely to use as a playback device.

I have Win7 setup that the Xbox connects to and it sees all the movies. However, it looks like garbage with just the different colored boxes for each movie. Is there some way to make this look good like XBMC does with the thumbnails for each movie and things like that?

I use MediaCompanion with XBMC to scrape the data and store it in each movie's folder but I don't know if there's some way to get that information to be reflected on the Xbox.

Thanks for any help, tips, tutorials, etc.