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Radeon HD5450 - HD Audio problems

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Hi everyone,

Since upgrading my surround sound system and PC I've been reading this forum trying to find an answer to one problem I'm having - getting HD Audio from my PC to my AVR.

This is my current setup:

Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 with AMD FX4 processor & 16GB RAM
Asus Radeon HD5450 1GB graphics card
OCZ Agility 128GB SSD
Onkyo HT-R358 AVR 5.1 system
Samsung UE46C7000 LED TV
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Connected as follows:

HD5450 --> HDMI --> Onkyo HDMI4, Onkyo HDMI Out --> HDMI --> Samsung TV

All the latest Radeon drivers are installed on the PC, and I'm using the latest version of MPC-HC. I've set up MPC-HC as per the guide on this website, but whenever I play a film that has HD Audio I don't get the full HD. To test, I've ripped two BD movies to my PC as .m2ts files with no conversion/compression (using ClownBD), just the main audio track. Avatar has a DTS-HD MA track, but when I play it in MPC-HC or PowerDVD I only get basic DTS. Cars has a TrueHD track, but I only get PCM 5.1 when I play that. If I play the films from the disks on my Bluray drive in the PC I get the same result.

I've tried the EDID override that was posted, and I've tried installing ffdshow Audio and LAV Audio (not at the same time). I've currently got LAV installed, and it shows that the decoder is being used when I play a film, just not the correct format.

If I play the films through a standalone Samsung BD player they are fine, and the correct audio is heard.

Am I missing something really obvious, as all the guides seem to suggest that this should work with my setup. mad.gif I did check before I bought the Radeon 5450 and I'm sure it did say it supported HD Audio.

Thanks in advance!

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Right click the speaker icon in the system tray and go to playback devices. If your HDMI device is not set as default, set it as default. After that you can right click the HDMI device and go into properties. Go to the supported formats tab and make sure you see all HD audio formats listed, should look something like this



Double check that you have ticked all boxes under Bitstreaming in the Lav Audio decoder.


After all that is done, play and movie and check the filter list in MPC HC. Make sure Lav Audio decoder is being used in playback.

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Hi all I have similar issue but my config is this:
ATI 5450->hdmi-LG42"TV->optical cable->lg home theatre 5.1 dolby prologicII

I've managed to get 5.1 audio a couple of times (so it's not hardware issue) but after every reboot it either plays stereo only (which is windows defauls as it says I can only set 2 speaker output from the audio panel) or no sound at all if I force spdif outout in ac3filter or VLC.

What is the correct setup to get 5.1 over hdmi in win7 x64? Which codecs, which settings, which player
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It's not too common a TV will passthrough 5.1 from an input source like your PC.  More often any optical out is to allow your TVs internal tuner to pass 5.1 to an external AVR.  Usually when a PC is connected to a TV it can only SEE the stereo speakers and thus pass only stereo sound.  Check on your LG model to see if yours is as I'm describing.


Typically the HDMI would go from PC to AVR to TV with the AVR configured to NOT send audio along to the TV.  The PC sees the AVR and all is well.

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Hi Mrkazador
Thanks for the pictures earlier, it helped to check that what I'd done was correct. I still couldn't get any HD Audio though.

However, I thought I'd have another crack at the EDID override option, as I still had the feeling it was somehow linked to that! After reading the first few pages of http://www.avsforum.com/t/1227161/edid-overrides-to-solve-bitstreaming-issues-for-ati-5xxxs I downloaded an inf file that was fairly close to my own set up (Samsung 3DTV/Onkyo R548), installed it, rebooted (twice) and it worked! I now have full HD Audio for all of my BD titles (well the ones I've tested so far anyway...)

I think it definitely pays to persevere with the EDID override settings, as I was almost on the point of giving up.

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Thanks Andrew. As I said in my post it's not an hardware issue: my tv can pass 5.1 to the AVR (a cheap lg dvd player with 5.1 amplifier and optical in). I've seen a movie last friday and it worked. But today (again!!) after starting the pc I could only get stereo out and activating the SPDIF option in ac3filter resulted in no sound at all.
When it worked I had just re-installed the realtek hd audio driver on my pc. It's a software/driver/codec issue and I cant get my head around it as it changes after every reboot!
I'll try the EDID trick so that maybe I can get it working that way?
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