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Receiver Help

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I am just planning my theater build and got a speaker set up as a gift. Im not sure if I will/should use it. I know NOTHING about the audio side of this and could use all the help I can get! If i decide to use this set up, can you tell me what receiver you would use? My room is about 13' x 23' . The speakers are the Polk Audio PSW10 sub and the others are Fluance AVHTB 5. I have heard mixed reviews but my concern is will they be loud enough to fill the room with decent audio. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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Any AVR should be able to drive this setup fairly easily ... just depends on your budget and feature/input/output requirements. Refer to post #2 in the Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's thread linked in my sig for a comparison of the current XX13 models, focusing on the 1613 which would be your best bet at the lowest price point. You also may still be able to find the previous year's XX12 models on clearance at your local area Best Buy or other Hi Fi stores.
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