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$1500 5.1+Receiver Surprise gift for my papa

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I have some extra money and I'm looking to buy my father a surprise gift of a 5.1 set-up with receiver, I have a list of things I know he would like. Thank you in advance for any help!

Budget max $1000-1500 Speakers + Receiver only.

Location Norther AB, Canada

Because of my job and location I have no time to demo, so I would prefer to ship
I trust in the AVS collective to help pick out the right ones for the job wink.gif

24x24ish room with The 10x10 dedicated TV/Music section in front left corner
Like me he loves a "warm" sounding system.
70 / 30 % Blurays / rounded music selection.
would prefer light/medium colored "woods" but will defiantly settle for black if the speakers are right!
Also the receiver would be ideal in nickle/silver, etc but same with speaks I know black is most common
would love it if i can get towers in the budget

any questions I'll get back to right away
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One possible solution.

Emptek E5Bi x4 =$500
Emptek E4Ci =$220

SVS PB1000 sub = $499

AVR in the $300-400 range from Accessories4less like the Denon 2112 for $429

Total = $1648

You could probably save a bit on a slightly cheaper sub or maybe a cheaper Onkyo refurb receiver from A4less if you really can't get at all over $1500. You could call Emptek to see if they would give any discount for ordering 5 speakers at once. The Empteks come in red burl finish your dad might like.

Also look at NHT, but I think those are only black color.
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Those Emptek E5Bi are beautiful!
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I wouldnt go that far up the Denon line 1712 or 1713 is plenty.

310 for the 1712. EmpTek is good choice. Aperion can also be good...free shipping too..both ways if you dont like it.

You also have the HSU option. Take a peak.
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If you are going to get a refurb Denon, check out this thread.


It summarizes the different models and you can choose which fits your need the best. Basically the 1712 has the better Audyssey version, the 1912 has networking but a slightly lower version on Audyssey, and the 2112 has both. There are some other differences too, but you can check it out on that thread.
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I just upgraded my causal extra system and have a hardly used, only for regular tv really just normal levels a AVR2112CI that is still under warranty and I have it tucked away in the oem box and have all the oem stuff that came with it and its like new I will let go for $300 that may help with getting a good amp for cheaper. Its nice because it has airplay, Pandora, etc but mostly why I bought it at the time is Aud XT that cals the sub. Just thought I would offer it to you since they are recommending it to you and I have a mint one just sitting around that I don't use and I don't have listed for sale or anything. Just an idea trying to be helpful not trying to hijack or anything cuz it doesn't really matter if I sell it or not. Thanks smile.gif
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wow the Verus line from Aperion in real cherry-wood is gorgeous! but all of Aperion is out of price range.

Thanks for the info on Denon, I've always been interested them but have always owned Pioneer or Yamaha
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I have been digging around the forums and came across the Cambridge Audio S30, S50 & S70 light oak really like look, but they seem to be scares to find and not a very warm sounding speakers
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Originally Posted by onzzz View Post

hm I think i'm in love with the Cambridge Audio S30, S50 & S70 light oak

Those seem to also be well liked and may be a good option. I have mostly seen people posting about the S30 bookshelves, not so much about the S70 towers. The towers are kinda light in weight which makes me concerned about how inert the cabinets are. The bass is also likely not quite as strong as the EMPteks. I now you can auditions the EMPs at home, how about the Cambridge stuff?
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Have you looked at Paradigm and PSB? Those are both Canadian companies. If you have any hifi stores in your area, you could audition them.
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