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Hey Everyone,

Early last year I bought a Marantz SR6006 with the airplay option.

I have had a number of problems with it thus far, its been unstable at best.

With a bit of work I can get it to work with the iPod, iPhone, and my current desktop.


I can NEVER get either laptops to even recognize it at all. I have not ONCE seen the airplay option pop up on iTunes, it is getting beyond frusterating. I have bought a new laptop and am fazing out my desktop, so I really need to fix this damn airplay issue.

I have checked on other forums and tried what I can find to solve the issue with no luck so far. I have "network standby" on, and off.. and on again. Nothing, no change. I have tried with and without DHCP(??). Nothing, no change. I have gone through a couple of routers, Nothing... Firewalls, home sharing, network setting..ect..ect..well, you get the idea.

Any ideas?