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HTD vs. Speakercraft Multi Channel Amp

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Anybody have any feedback on HTD vs. Speakercraft multi-channel amps? I'm looking to power 12 zones of whole house audio and I am comparing Speakercraft Analog 12 channel amps to the HTD 12 channel Digital Amps.

I don't have much experience or knowledge about good vs. bad on these brands or Analog vs. Digital. Most of the reviews that I have read about HTD on this forum are very positive. The dealer is pushing the Speakercraft saying it is a better amp, primarily because it is Analog. The cost difference is about $1K higher for Speakercraft.

Any reason to not save the $1K and go with the HTD amps?

Thanks for any insight.
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For WHA I'd rather have a cool-running, low-power-consumption digital amp. Of course the dealer is pushing the brand he offers vs. a direct-to-consumer Internet brand. Put that $1k into another part of the system. If you put that money into speakers instead of towards an amp, I don't think anyone could argue you wouldn't end up with a better sounding system...

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Check out the digital Speakercraft multichannel amps. I'm surprised analog multichannel amps are still made, for distributed audio.

There is a big benefit for going with the pro installed solution, including warranty issues. With HTD, it's your problem, not the installer's. If you want to box it up, and send it back, to be fixed, go with HTD. If you want to pick up the phone, and let someone else deal with it, go with SC.

I'm surprised the installer would use your multichannel amp that you provide.
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Thanks for the thoughts. I'm assuming that either of the amps will work well for many years but maybe I am being naive. I'm pretty good at DIY so I would hope to address any problems.

Can anyone tell me the price of the speaker craft 8 or 12 channel digital amps?
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Simple Google search for the Speakercraft Vital-1250... $1200-1300
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It's unlikely that either will break, but there are certainly benefits to going with equipment bought from the installer; hassle reduction is a big one.

He may sell you the SC amp below MSRP.
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