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New to home audio need some help.

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Hi. As the title says im kind of new to this home audio thing. Thought i knew some stuff turns out i was pretty wrong. Im looking to build a decent home set up. Movies Gaming and music. Im looking at two speakers that im really torn on. They both seem like pretty good deals. Im starting with a pretty basic setup,a Onkyo reciever and surround. I would be upgrading the other peices eventually. I guess my main question is are the WF"s worth the extra money as far as sound. Thanks in advance DMudd

Edit im open to suggestions on other speakers in similar price range. like i said im kind of new to this.


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All I can say is I would take the Klipschs over the Polks, but that is just my preference.
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fwiw, just another recommendation, take a look at the boston acoustics a360's $360 at accessories4less. they are white with black grills( imo look nice and are well built)these imo are one of the best values for speakers on the market today. you could also pick up the a225c center(black) for$150 and be in same budget .just a suggestion
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thanks the klipsch just went down to roughly 250 a tower seems like a pretty good deal
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You want my opinion? Get these. I bought the Polk Monitor 75T's and have pretty bad buyer's remorse right now.

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Thanks for the reply and the suggestion. Whats you thoughts on the 75ts?
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Originally Posted by Dmudd View Post

Thanks for the reply and the suggestion. Whats you thoughts on the 75ts?

I got the 75T's because my budget is nonexistent at this point in time, but I would say they are a decent pair of entry level speakers, but that's just what they are, entry level.

I think they're a bit harsh in the highs at higher volumes, and for me it seems the bottom two woofers are doing absolutely nothing since they're crossovered at 80hz.

But like I said, if I were to do it again, I would go with HTD, or Arx, or something. Being on this forum really opens your eyes, as you see lots of people recommending internet direct companies like HTD, SVS, etc. And it does make sense that without a middle man, they are able to give you the best product for the money.
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I have the monitor 70's so I'll comment on them as they sound just like the 75t (70 vs 75t http://www.avsforum.com/t/1456569/polk-monitor-75t-vs-polk-monitor-70-series-ii-review-comparison). They sound good but need a sub. Kinda weak below 70hz. I recommend skipping the towers and use that money on a quality sub and a used pair of bookshelf speakers. Then upgrade the bookshelf when you have the funds. For the sub something like this http://www.avsforum.com/t/1420999/klipsch-rw-12d-subwoofer-only-299-save-70. I do like my 70's but man they need a sub
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Both of those speakers are fair at best; not something that I would recommend to a friend.

You would definitely get better sound from the Boston Acoustics CS226 speakers IMO, in that price range.

Another great option would be the Wharfedale Diamond 10.3 tower speakers. Music Direct has a pair of new demos for $499. That would be a very nice deal for the price.
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Thanks for the help. Seems to be alot of knowledge floating around on here hope to soak as much of it up as fast as i can.
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I would get these Energy RC-70s over the Polks and Klipsch.

Actually I just did.
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Originally Posted by afrogt View Post

I would get these Energy RC-70s over the Polks and Klipsch.

I agree these are great speakers for the price. But now that the Energy RC series seems to be discontinued, finding the matching center channel, the RC-LCR, could be a real pain and/or very expensive. It's important to use the matching center and/or the exact same speaker in the center so that your three speakers in the front soundstage have an exact timbre match (not so important for the surrounds). So while the RC-70s are probably one of the best values for building a 2 channel audio setup at the moment (if not THE best), I'd be wary of using them as a starting point for building an HT setup.

If you wouldn't mind upping your budget to include speaker stands, the CMT-340 SE would be a good choice for an HT setup for movies and gaming, and they are considered a step up from the Polks and Klipsch you linked to.
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Well my g.f just informed me she ordered me the klipschs as my v-day gift. She knew I had been eyeing them. So I guess the next logical step would be to get the matching center?
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Yep. Get the matching center. And then watch Newegg for the Klipsch RW-12d sub to go on sale for $299. They seem to run it on special at least once a month or so. Bout the best deal for an HT sub for that price.
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alright sounds good here my plans and hopes unless im going about this completly wrong.Im going to be using them as my front and hopefully getting the matching center in the next few weeks. This is what im running right now plan on using the reciever and sub as long as possible as i replace the center and surrounds with the matching equipment.

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When you get your new speakers, try it with and without the Onkyo center. Could very well be it will sound better with no center until you can get one. A weak center can actually detract from the way your setup sounds when your front left/right are very good.
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ok guys next week i plan on ordering the matching center. now when the time comes for the rears should i get the matching or a different set of klipschs?
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Matching the rears with the fronts is not nearly as important as matching the front three together. I've found that using speakers from the same manufacturer,although different speaker line, can work very well. However, when I've tried completely differently voiced speakers from another company, I felt that the surround effect was not as smooth. Others may have different experiences.
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alright so first i would like to start by saying sorry for my poor paint skills. Well the two front red stars are my towers. the rear blue are my surrounds and the pink llines is the sub. the kitchen is open to the living. this is how i plan on having my set up. does this seem right? also these are the rears im sort of considering.


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