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N00b-question about impedance

Poll Results: What impedance to use with 4...8 ohms speakers?

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    4 ohm
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    6 ohm
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Hi y'all!

I've got an Integra DTR 80.3 hooked up to a pair of Canton 890.2 DC and was just wondering what I should be setting the impedance on my receiver to. The speakers have a nominal impedance of 4...8 ohms and the receiver lets me choose between 4 or 6 ohms. Wich one is better? Will i notice any difference in sound?

I did some googling and didn't come to any good conclusion, but if I understand it correctly the 4 ohm setting will keep the reciever a bit cooler but set a limit on the max wattage (although higher then with 6 ohms due to the impedance) and increase the risk of clipping. I also read some theories that the 6 ohm-setting would increase the dynamic of the sound when playing very loud music, but have some other cons like the risk of overheating the reciever. Are all these statements correct or have I been fooled?

So, what would you set the impedance to in my case? And if you'r answer is 6 ohms, would you still answer the same if I add 4 surround speakers with nominal impedance of 4 ohms?

Thanks for any help!
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6-ohm setting regardless of the impedance of the speakers.
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Because the times of impedance matching by transformers like in the tube "age" are mostly considered "past", modern solid state amps don't have that problem any more.
This generation is rather limited by heat and some regulations. Thus a 4-Ohm setting will just introduce some limiting algorithms into the equation to keep output currents for low impedance loads in check, limiting current and heat dissipation.
Switching to a 4-Ohm setup will usually limit or even reduce the stated output power of the amp.
As long, as you don't drive that amp continuously in high power mode and thus increasing the heat generated (because of high currents into low impedance loads) beyond the heat dissipation capabilities of the heat sinks and fans provides, it will be better, to let that solid state amp stay at its 8-ohm setting.
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Tank you very much! This was a lot of help! Much appreciated.
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