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Based on the equipment available to me listed in my signature, I have some questions mainly rooted in 3D since its going to be new to me.

I have a bunch of bluray full isos. My process now is to use the ps3 to rip my discs, and then playback using the cobra fw. This works fine except for the dreaded cinavia. I have anydvd and dvdfab. So heres my few questions:

1. On 3d isos that suffer from cinavia, whats my best playback solution?

2. If i have to rip the isos with software for playback outside of the ps3s is it possible to retain full 3d as the discs have?

I see all these options for sbs half and top/bottom in dvdfab and i understand the differences in resolution I just dont see where i can just pull them main 3d movie file and play it back like reg bluray.

3. I dont really want to spend anymore money but is there a standalone media box out there reasonably priced that can handle 3d bluray isos as if the disc was present? full menus etc?

Ive seen threads for AIOS HD Media Center and the like but most seem to lack definitive answers.

I use plex or xbmc on my mac mini for htpc purposes. Power dvd seems sluggish for some reason.

Thank you,