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This will be my first home theatre system. I just want to check here first to make sure I'm doing it right. Budget is right around $1000 for receiver and 3.1 make to 5.1 in the future.

Room: 14x20 with 8ft tall ceilings angled up to about 10ft.
I will be watching probably 70% movies 20%music 10%games.
Right now I have a sharp 60 led, xbox, blu ray, and direct tv/

This is what I am looking at buying:

Receiver: Denon 2112ci - $430.00
Front L/R: Polk Monitor 60 Series II $280 (pair)
Center: Polk CS2 $130
Sub: BIC F12 $200

I am trying to future proof the receiver some what but is there a receiver that is cheaper that has wifi and audyssey multi eq xt?

Is there a big difference between multi eq and mutli eq xt?

Any suggestions or a better setup for this budget would be great to.