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Good morning all,

I would like to get everyones opinions on my current setup, and to make sure I'm going down the right route here.

I have the Onkyo HTS3300 HTIB. I just replaced all the speakers with the Jamo 426 HCS.

In my mind, I thought I would hear the difference, and I do, on some things, but not a significant change. This led me to believe I might need to get rid of the receiver altogether. The receiver is the HTR-380. It only has the ability to use the passive sub, which I intend to get the Jamo sub to get with the rest of the audio equipment, but I thought it would be able to handle the new equipment well.

Now, I did go in and change the speakers to "large" for the fronts and the center, and left the surrounds at "small". I also changed the "level calculations" from +6 or +7 to either 0 with the exception being the center with a +2. I don't think this version has the ability to auto configure (with the mic) the values for Audyssey.
I read through the manual and it describes the Onyko system is preconfigured for Audyssey with the Onkyo speakers. Not sure if thats true or not.

Just looking for opinions here, is the configuration my problem, or the actual receiver. If it is the actual receiver, would a Denon or HK be better? Maybe some suggested models?

All opinions welcome. (Even ones that criticize my purchase of the HTS3300.. that was a couple years ago)