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Gus, have you posted your thoughts anywhere yet?

Sorry about that. I really don't have much to say, but I am very amazed with the sound coming from the PSA-XV15. Due to the WAF, I had to compromised for the location of the sub. I had to place the sub in a corner next to the couch, which kind of makes it look like an end table. I was somewhat concern, if this would be the best location to provide the best sound. However, I can't even tell where the bass is coming from. Even my wife love the XV15. We were watching The Butler last night, and there were a few scenes that had a lot of bass, and it made the couch tremble eek.gif

I was also told that the sealed subs would be best for music, but I listen to a lot of music, and the XV15 does a super job with music as well. The Arx + XV15 = Awesome sound.