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Audio Receiver Help

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I am just planning my theater build and got a speaker set up as a gift. Im not sure if I will/should use it. I know NOTHING about the audio side of this and could use all the help I can get! If i decide to use this set up, can you tell me what receiver you would use? My room is about 13' x 23' . The speakers are the Polk Audio PSW10 sub and the others are Fluance AVHTB 5. I have heard mixed reviews but my concern is will they be loud enough to fill the room with DECENT audio. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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There is an entire forum dedicated to receivers. You will most likely get a better response if you post your question there. You'll want to include a budget in your post as well or you will get lots of recommendations that might not work for you.

Here's a link.
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Yeah I tried that with no real response. Thought the builder guys would know better as I'm planning acoustics as well. Id like to spend around $200-300 area...
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If you are looking in the 200-300 dollar range the Onkyo's in that price range are very good bang for the buck performers. Check Amazon and Newegg and look for sales or referb/open box specials to get even a bettter/cheaper receiver.

Good luck!


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I agree with RTROSE
I myself use Onkyo's at my house and they work and sound great for the cost. Plus the newer network receivers can be controlled with your IPad.

If you join the Onkyo club you can get some pretty sweet deals on refurbished recivers

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