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Denon AVR 1913 Connection issues!

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Morning, new to the forum and looking for help! I recently had to replace my aged HK 7000 and projection tv. I now have a Denon AVR1913 and a Panasonic TC60GT50. I have dish network and the connections between them seems to be a problem. I have HDMI cables from Sat > 1913 > Panasonic. It basicly works but when changing channels with the sat remote there is a flicker on the screen, very slight delay and then the new channel is displayed. Also if I channel up or down quickly the signal is sometimes lost. I believe I have everything hooked correctly and have swapped out the AVR 1913 bfor another 1913 because I though it was the problem but to no avail.
Can anyone help? Much appreciated!!
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That's because you probably have your Dish receiver setup to display in native resolution. So if you change channels from a 1080i channel to a 720p channel the receiver has to sync itself each time. And if you watch SD channels that throws 480i or 480p into the mix too. Set your Dish DVR/Receiver to output at 1080p or 1080i whatever is the highest resolution offered and turn off Native Mode. That's what I do on my DirecTV HD DVR. I suppose the menus may be somewhat similar.

I have a Denon 989 receiver, Panasonic Plasma and DirecTV DVR in my main room, similar to your setup.

Fox, ABC/ ESPN use 720p broadcasts.
NBC and CBS use 1080i broadcasts.

My guess is your Dish receiver is switching resolutions each time you change the channel. That's what's causing the flicker.
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Thanks for the quick response! I'll give it a try.
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Well, I got into the menu and found the HDTV setup. Three catagories:1- analog input type with choices of Cable, Offair, IRC and HRC? 2-TV Type 1080i, 720p, 480p. 3- Aspect Ratio 16/9 4/3. Changed the setting to the different analog input types, set the TV type to 1080i and Aspect Ratio to 16/9. No difference in channel changing. still getting filcker and short delay.
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