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Kit / DIY Main Speaker

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Looking to upgrade my current front main speakers. Over the past few months I've built a few DIY subs and all completely overpower my current mains all be it not a hard thing to do as they are paradigm mini monitors. So I am looking at doing a kit or DIY front stage that will supply me with anything better than I have know. The one thing about going DIY on this is the crossovers. Never built one nor put one together so to me that is a big hiccup. So that being said I guess I'd like to start there. Driver size not limited but would like to stay at 8" or under. Don't mind doing multiples in a single enclosure. Tweeters? I see a lot of ribbon tweeters don't know on that either. So I guess I'm starting on a blank page. I guess this is another go around for me as it was when I started the DIY sub thing. All the input on those projects was a great learning experince and I'd like to carry that over to this project. I guess it's a little contagious. I started the sub to save a little money but that didn't happen. I built one then Wanted to one up it than one up it again so something I started to save a little probably cost me about 10x more than buying one. So let me know you thoughts on kits or ground up build. Thanks.
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Do you have a price range in mind? Floor standing or bookshelf speakers?

Here's an excellent floor standing speaker. It's an MTM design with two 7" woofers, and is available with crossover designs for a ribbon or a dome tweeter. http://forums.audioholics.com/forums/diy-corner-tips-techniques/68531-new-diy-mtm-towers-designed-dennis-murphy-paul-kittinger.html

The parts without cabinet are available as kits from Meniscus Audio

For an example of how to go from a schematic of a crossover to an an actual crossover see page 2 of this build thread. http://forums.audioholics.com/forums/diy-corner-tips-techniques/81354-building-your-first-diy-speaker-mb27.html

For inspiration, there are several build threads with photos from people who've built their ER18 MTMs:





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