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Subwoofers for 15000 cubic feet.

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Trying to figure out what will be needed, just starting whole house remodel and trying to plan ahead as much as possible with regards to wiring and access.

This room is fully open, no walls, HT/kitchen/dining/billiards room, think dedicated bachelor. L shaped with the main area being 26x26 (where this will be located) and the "L" is 14x22, vaulted ceilings.

My ideal is a fully hidden system, I have built and IB before, but bedrooms are below, vaulted ceiling and venting outside is not an option

Ideally my budget is around 5000. For that I could get 3 polk in wall subs with good amplification, don't think I would be satisfied with that.

I'm thinking of in floor, between joist (10'' deep) custom built vented or sealed enclosures, one roughly in the area of the center, mains, and two surrounds (which would share duty between the 2 l or r surround channels). Setup so when I listen to music, always in stereo, they all play as a single LFE channel.

If I can't come up with a good hidden solution the plan is 4 SVS pb12 plus positioned under the screen, which is only slightly over my budget.

This is for 80% music, I listen to everything from dubstep to classical, and listen most waking hours of the day. Movie duty will only be in the evenings.

I want serious, clean bass . I used to have a single pb 12 plus in a sealed, treated 750 cubic foot room, ideally I would have the same levels, but know that may not be possible.

I plan on doing as much room treatment as I can without it standing out, but mostly plan on digital tuning to clean things up.

Any advice, questions or criticism is welcome.
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For $5k, and a gigantic room, two of these. For a little more, 4 of the passive version of these along with a decent pro-audio amp. If you could stretch all the way to $6k, then two of these.

The Danley DTS-10 kits may be an option as well, but are larger, and I don't know what they are going for these days.

Otherwise, DIY.
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Take a look at the JTR Orbit Shifter, about $1000 over budget but would have NO problem filling that rooms with bass. They are big but two could be layed on their side below a screen.
Here's the thread. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1247005/official-jtr-orbit-shifter-subwoofer-thread
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Thanks, no idea how I've never come across that beast before, makes the decision pretty brain dead.
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The thread for the Orbit Shifter isn't all that long, I suggest giving it a read. I have no doubt two of them would easily pressurize a room that size.
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