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rear/side speaker position

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sorry if this has been asked before. quick review of the forums didn't answer my question.

i'm going to try to attach a photo showing my layout.

i have my tv mounted above the fireplace and primary seating directly in front of the tv/fireplace area. we have an open concept kitchen/dining/living room so there is no place directly behind the love seat to mount the rear speakers. i could mount to speaker stands but don't want to. that leaves the best location to the sides of the loveseat.

first, i assume i would set these up as the actual side channels on my 7.1 receiver and not the rear channels. is that correct?

my real question is height. ideally, i would mount higher on the wall so that they are out of reach of our 2 year old. also, the walls i'm mounting to are high traffic areas so it just seems like it would look odd to mount at ear level.

is it normal to mount in this way? is there an ideal height? what have others done? do you mount flush to the wall or tilt downward at all?

you may not be able to see it in the image, but there are 4 windows to the left. the 2 green areas are where i plan to mount the rear/side speakers in question.

thanks in advance for your replies.

chris c

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
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It's generally recommended to place surrounds on the sides, not behind, even or slightly behind the listening position, and two or three feet higher than the main speakers up front.
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