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Laptop to AV reciever to TV through HDMI ** No 5.1 ch Surround sound only 2 channel**

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Hi guys,

Been banging my head against the wall for a week now. Need someones help please.

I have an ASUS X54C laptop running Windows 7 >> connected >> to a Sherwood RD 6506 AV reciever though HDMI. My TV is a Kogan 55 inch LED also connected via HDMI. I cannot get 5.1 surround sound to work when im playing movies via VLC.

heres the hardware:




In windows 7 playback devices all i can see is Kogan TV and the laptop speakers. (Realtek HD) It doesn't pick up the AV reciever.
I have updated all drivers however still cant see the av reciever.

I've gone through every menu on the laptop, TV and AV reciever tried all possible combinations but cannot get 5.1 ch surround. mad.gif

Ive been reading alot of posts on this forum regarding similar issues and was hoping one of ther gurus could help me out. Just spent $$ on AV reciever / JBL speakers and new lappy and no friggin joy frown.gif

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1st have you set sherwood not to pass audio to tv.
2nd try installing shark codec pack and set to bitstream in audio settings.
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Yep, its set to AMP not THRU. Never heard of those codecs, will google. Thanks for getting this started.smile.gif
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What video audio player are you using to try and get 5.1.
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VLC. It has its own codecs, so i dont think the above codec pack above will make any difference. It says its for use with Win media player.
Problem is bloody windows 7 is not picking up the reciever. I have got the TV connected to the reciever through headphone jack to RCA cables though (white and red) for watching TV.

The kogan tech people say : All Kogan Televisions come with a Digital Coaxial Audio connection, a headphone jack or AV OUT. Please use a Digital Coaxial Audio cable or 3.5mm stereo cable to connect the TV to your Home Theatre/Surround Sound System.If your Home Theatre/Surround Sound System only has an Optical Input, you will need to purchase a Digital Coaxial to Optical converter from your local electronics store.

Im thinking its more of an EDID laptop>>TV issue. Waiting for a mate to come over with another laptop to connect and see if his picks it up.
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Just to be clear you will only get 5.1 from the tv from its tuner but its very rare any Australian hd chanels have 5.1.
The shark codecs work with a lot of media players including wmc and windows media player.
Have you tried not connecting tv but just the sherwood to see if you see it.
Are you getting any sound from sherwood.
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hmmmm, will try it tonight and see if the lappy sees it. Thanks
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One more suggestion try turning of hdmi control which will disable arc.
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Download a FREE copy of MPC-HC.  It will use your system devices and its own codecs which should pass any 5.1 along.  What's your source material you're trying to listen to 5.1 from... TV, DVD, .mkv file?  One more thing: you should have your audio configured for 2 ch stereo because passing a digital stream out HDMI means your SPEAKERS should be at 2-ch, thus NOT decoding inside the PC to 5.1

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I've already tried MPC HC with AC3 and nada.

when i disconnect the TV it picks up the receiver but windows still only sees 2 ch. mad.gif
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You do have to have a digital audio device in your Device Manager set to SPDIF in order to pass 5.1 as a digital stream.  If all your devices are SPEAKER then you're not configured right.  Play a file in MPC-HC and right-click the screen, open the audio codec and read its properties.  THERE you'll see what it's doing with the audio - if it's speakers it's not digital and you should see the SPDIF there for DTS and AC3... gotta get it to use those.

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Are you able to set your avr as a display in windows?

On your machine it should list both the laptops screen and your avr. If it lists the TV like in audio playback devices then you either have incompatible hardware or something is hooked up wrong.

I know this may sound silly asking this, but do you have your laptops hdmi out plugged into one of the 3 hdmi inputs on the avr and the avr's hdmi out plugged into the tv? Any other config such as using a hdmi splitter or 2nd output from the laptop going to the avr and tv or hooking the computer directly to the tv and the tv to avr would result in no audio or only 2chan depending on the situation.
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