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Definitive bp8b, Cambridge 651A, Dacmagic plus, Sonos Connect, cheep sony wifi blueray player, ...

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i have bought all of this stuff over the last couple of months.

first off the speakers,

these things sound great, they have bass almost like having a small sub. i no longer use my sub since i got these speakers. these things sound great, my only complaint is the tweeter and hi hat cymbals could be a little more crisp. i have had a few different sets of speakers and the only speakers i have liked better were my old mirage 590i bipolar apeakers. but so far i love these and i got them brand new for 200.00 each which is a amazing deal. they sound good for all kinds of music..

the amp,

very natural sounding IMO and a very powerful 80 watts per channel, the built in DAC is descent but nothing special but definitely better than no DAC at all, very strong warm mids, the bass is a little airy i guess you would say and pretty tight, not as boomy as i am used to but after a day or two i got used to that. my old onkyo was awesome, my old harmon kardon was very good and my old denon was descent but this is probably the nicest amp/receiver i have owned and i am very happy with this thing. it reminds me of the way some of the older receivers from the 70's and 80's sound. the old vintage ones sounded good and so does this amp. i play all of my music on the computer, i have moved from regular WMA files over to FLAC, recently i have re ripped all of my CD's to FLAC and they sound great, on my denon lossless rips sounded harsh and that is why i went with WMA, those rips sounded softer and warmer but you do loose some detail in the music. but the lossless files sound great on this amp and i think this was a great purchase.

The Sonos Connect

Cleanest sounding Music i have heard in a long time, so much better than running a USB cable from the computer to the DAC, the sonos is ran into the DACMagic with a optical cable, not sure how it sounds with out the dacmagic, i think this thing was a huge improvement over playing the music off the computer which i though sounded good. the only thing that sucks is you must have one Sonos unit wired to the router. so i had to spend 50 bucks on a sonos bridge, i have that wired to the router and it connects the Sonos connect to the network wireless all the way across the house, my router is older technology and slow 54Mbps but it broadcast a signal 50 yards from my house, even with 4 other computers running in the house i have not experienced any dropouts in the music, well once or twice but nothing to really speak of. at fist i did not like the sonos unit's sound but after using the " EQ " in the sonos connect ( just a bass and trebel slider) after i turned those 2 sliders down a 2 or 3 notches i thought it sounded amazing, this unit is definitely worth buying IMO

The DACMagic Plus

that thing brings out so much detail its not even funny, i have seen many post saying it makes music sound dead and clynical, Not on my Cambridge AMP it doesnt, i tried to go back to using the built in DAC on the amp and i though WOW that sounds like crap, and i thought it sounded great when i got the amp and did not have the dacmagic plus yet. good recorded music especially the slower clean stuff sounds like the singers in the living room, cymbal crashes sound very realistic on most of my Music tracks where they seemed a bit harsh before, the bass is extremely tight, i think this unit took away a little bit of the warm mid range this receiver had but all i need to do is turn the bass knob up about 1/8th of a turn past center and it all comes back. so maybe that is why some say its clynical sounding, but a quick adjustment on the bass knob fixed that, i know allot of you like to use tone defeat or direct mode but i dont like using those modes and i always adjust the bass and trebel on the receiver so that is not a issue for me. IMO this DAC was a major improvement, i was quite happy with my stereo before i bought it but the more i kept reading about how much people love using a DAC i just had to try it out for my self, i got this one because i figured i would stick with the same brand of DAC as my amp. if it would have sucked i probably would have went out and bout a different DAC and tried that out but I am definatley sticking with this one..

Last and least the Sony BDP-S590 blueray player with built in Wifi

movie sound quality is awesome for 2 channel audio, it has lots of great applications and programs on it. for a move player the thing is great and for a hundred bucks you cant beat it. now here is where i have a major issue with this thing, it streams music just like my sonos but the sound qualty for music is absolutely horrible using the analog outputs or the optical output. i even hooked it up to my DAC and it still sounded very distorted and horrible, Playing a Audio CD is the same way, terrible sound quality, I am not sure how it sounds so good for moves but cant play music worth a darn. but i got it so i could watch moves and net flix and such crap any ways. i have had older sony DVD players and they always sounded great for playing a audio CD so i expected that this one would also but i was wrong. i am happy with the purchase since i did not intend to play CD's on it often any ways but it would have been nice if it had descent sound quality for CD or Streaming music

so there is my review on my stereo set up and for the money i have spent i do think this thing sounds like a much more expensive stereo system. and i listen to many different types of music like bluegrass, punk rock, country, slow acoustic stuff, some electronic stuff like Owl City and what not, old 50's tunes, Rockabilly and so on. and they all sound great..
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Thanks for the review! I do have some issues with your opinions. I would not have paid $400 bucks for a pair of BP-8b's as you can get a pair of BP-30's for like $100 to $150 dollars more, or pick up some older BP-10b's for around that same price, both of which will provide a hell of a lot more sound quality than the BP-8b's You spent tons of money on components and a fraction of that budget in speakers, WRONG! You should have not spent so much on all of the components so that you could have afforded some decent speakers. . Also, Definitive Technology speakers are not very good for music, well the newer 8xxx series is a bit better, but the older ones are pretty flawed. I have the BP-30's in my theater setup, and I love them for movies, but for music, they suck, which is why I use Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1s for my music setup. That Cambridge receiver is nice! I would love to have one of those as I believe they are some of the best sounding receivers out there right now. I also have the Sony BDP-s590 and just like you, I love it for movies, but I do not use the analog outs for music, but rather an hdmi cable so that my Denon does the d/a conversion. I highly doubt that the sound quality is all that bad though, especially if you hooked up your dac to it, then I would find that impossible to believe. That is a good DAC, and I have also looked into the DacMagic but for now, I will spend my upgrade money on speakers because that is 90% of the overall sound quality, electronics make up roughly 10% of the sound quality. With what you spent on equipment you could have had some bad-ass speakers! You will eventually learn though.

As far as that Sonos, have they now started to support the higher resolution & higher bit-rate music files? I realize that I probably could not tell the difference between a 16bit 44khz song versus a 32-bit 192khz song, but my bias against the lower quality stuff would likely cause me to hear, "something" different between the two. Which is why I shy away from devises that can not support the higher resolution files.
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as far as bit rate i was told i would not hear a difference but i do hear extremely slight a difference and to be honest if your playing a file that is recorded or ripped at 16 bit CD quality I feel that it sounds best when i have my equipment set to play the files at 16 bit 44.1Hz, when i set it to 24 bit or even 16 bit that is higher than 44.1 the music sounds a little less natural to my ear. so i am sticking with 16bit 44.1Hz playback. a CD is recorded in 16 bit 44.1 and so are my FLAC files that i have ripped to my computer so i guess if your trying to play 16 bit 44.1 files back at a higher bit rate your equipment is trying to process that into a higher bit rate and that is probably why its not sounding as natural to me. since i have decided i like the 16 bit 44.1 play back settings best i never looked to see if the sonos will accept higher bit rate files or not, you could probably find that information on their website..

i bought these speakers on impulse after seeing them for that price and than reading a bunch of reviews, this was the first set of speakers i had not heard before i bought so i was nervous about that. but when i read the reviews lots of people were saying they sound great for music and loved these speakers. i know there are probably much more musical speakers out there, these replaced a set of energy C-200 bookshelf speakers that i never really cared for, they are a big upgrade compared to the energy bookshelf speakers and to my ear they sound very good for music but i know there are much better out there i just did not think i could get any thing better in the 400.00 price range,

at first i was not sue about them because they seemed really airy i guess you would say but after a few days i got a feel for the sound and started to like they way they sounded, they do have a nice soft and natural sound to them, maybe its the amp that makes them sound good, they do sound much better on this amp than the do on my denon DRA-397 receiver. the the energy speakers were harsh sounding IMO even on this Cambridge amp. i had both these and the energy C-200 speakers hooked up and i played a few songs switching speakers back and forth for a few friends and my parents,, i did not tell any one which set of speakers was playing and so far everyone has chosen the definitive speakers to be the best sounding of the 2. even my friend who has a much nicer setup than i do is pretty impressed with the sound quality of this stereo

for country music, bluegrass or any thing clean i think these speakers sound exceptional IMO, when there are vocal harmony's i can clearly hear the different people singing the vocals, everything seems to be separated quite well, i can pick out all the interments being played extremely well, Especially after i added the DAC. for rock and roll music with distorted guitar the guitar seems a laid back and not quite as driving as i would like but the guitar does have a nice warm natural sound to it which i find pleasing instead of a more harsh driving sound i am used to hearing, i am a guitar player and i do think the sound of the guitar sounds very natural compared to the sound of a person playing a guitar threw a amp right in front of you with the mid's and bass turned up a little bit and the treble turned down slightly which makes the guitar sound a bit less driving. but over all i am very happy with these speakers for what i paid for them.

In a few years maybe ill get a better set of speakers i was just looking for a inexpensive upgrade to replace my speakers and wanted to spend as little as possible on a descent set of speakers, after i got those i got the itch to go out and start upgrading everything. but different things sound good to different people, to me these sound pretty darn good, not perfect but for now i am very happy with them,

as far as the sony blueray player, when playing a music CD or streaming music it is extremely distorted and the DAC does not fix that . i have played with all the audio settings on the player for a couple of house and was not able to make it sound any better so i gave up. I have no idea why playing music on the player is so distorted but it sounds like something that is clopping extremely bad even at low volumes..
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Originally Posted by Martycool007 View Post

Also, Definitive Technology speakers are not very good for music
My Definitive BP8's sound superb for straight 2 channel music!
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As long as we are happy with them that is all that matters, not everyone likes all speakers. I like them though.

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That amplifier is very good.

But to hear how good it is, you would need to get some much better speakers.

You are using an B+ amplifier with some C- speakers.

Connect a pair of PSB Image T6 speakers to that amplifier, and you will be blown away by the improvement in sound quality. They rate an A-.

Also; if the sound from the source sucks, it is going to suck no matter what you play it through.

Get an OPPO BDP-103 and it will transform your system.
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Originally Posted by commsysman View Post

Get an OPPO BDP-103 and it will transform your system.
Not when it comes to audible sound quality.
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