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5.1 or 7.1 setup

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I have installed audiocables for 7.1 surround sound in my new home. But due to the layout of the living room, the surround speakers on the sides arent placed correctly i think.

Now my question is, do i better go with 5.1 surround or does anyone know a solution to succesfully create 7.1??

The size of the living room is 8 metres by 5 metres. Thats 26ft by 16ft. The red dots in the picture are cables installed for speakers. Eventually i plan on

installing a projector. So in the future the couch will be placed about 5 metres or 16ft from the viewing wall.

I play alot of music , mostly house music aswell. So would like decent front speakers and woofer to play music. And then surround for watching movies.

I have a budget of about 3000 to 4000 euro for speakers.

Any recommendations on which speakers to buy??

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Ideally they should be further back, on the side of, or slightly to the rear of, the couch (or move the couch but that may not be where you want it smile.gif No way to do that? Are the wires run at floor level or ceiling? or? At least you have room for a second sub. Not familiar with what's available in europe, here I look mostly at the ID selection on both speakers and subs.
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I can move the couch foreward till abeam the surrounds on the side. But in the end id like to buy a beamer to project about 120 inch view on my wall.

The wires for front speakers are at ground level. The surround and rears are actually run at about 3 ft or 3,5ft
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What size surround speakers are you thinking about? How would you place them? Stands? Wall mounts?
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Size doenst really matter. Speakers decent enough for that budget and to fill the room.

Preferably wall mounted but the left surround one on the side might be difficult. So a stand is fine aswell.
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Additional information...

  • How high is the ceiling in this space?
  • The adjacent space - how large is it?

I'd like to get a sense of the volume of your spaces.

Ok - you asked for "speaker recommendations" - not building advice. Please use the following to understand my rationale. Then you can judge if my advice is useful according to your personal preferences.

Should I take it you have planned light barrier treatments for the window to the right of the seating area and most importantly for the sliding door behind it? There may also be undesired acoustic reflections from sliding door as well. Perhaps this treatment could be dual purpose.

My sense is that you'll be happier moving the couch forward to between the surrounds for a number of reasons:

  • First, yes - it would be better to sit directly opposite [between] the surrounds.
  • Second, light infiltration from the right side window will be behind the couch and out of view.
  • I tend to like being closer to the screen - filling my field of view. My preference is for 110 degrees or more side-to-side and the bottom edge of the screen above the 90 degree point of the viewing position. (in other words - placed so I neither have to look up, or down, from the seated position to view the upper and lower extreme of the screen - but fill that field of view.
  • Lastly, it's a subtle thing, but try to keep the distance from the screen to the viewing location about the same as other things around the room. The idea is not to have to re-focus your eyes too much if you need to take them off the screen for a moment. Of course this can't be helped for objects in your lap, but it simulates a theater environment if you can do so, and keeps eye fatigue to a minimum.

If you find you must deal with the room as you've pictured, then I would suggest using surrounds that are Dipoles (not just Bipoles). This maximizes dispersion and may be sufficient . Another choice would be to add a second set of surrounds, to the rear of the existing ones so that you're centered between. I don't want to get too technical here, but it may be necessary to have all 4 surrounds specifically chosen for this configuration. Don't simply "bridge" the electrical connections unless told it's ok by a specialist.

You won't be happy relying on the rear speakers to fill the void, especially with true 7.1 content. It might seem to work for 5.1 content with the receiver in an "EX" mode however.
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The ceiling is 2m50 high so about 8ft

The adjacant space is dinnertable and kitchen and is completely open, 7m by 5 meters or 22feet by 16 feet. See attached picture.

The sliding doors at the back are actually windows from ground till just under the ceiling. There are electric shutters in place for all the windows, on the outside of the windows. So not inside the home.

Would i need some kind of shutters on the inside of hte home aswell to avoid undesired acoustic reflections??

I can move the couch forward. Its just i want to keep the option open of adding a projector later on, meaning i would have to move the couch backwards again depending on how large i want my image to be. Thats why i put the couch in that position

on the first attached image.

I realise now that i should have done more research before running the cables instead of listening to my friend. But house is built, and cables run. No possibility of adding other speakers, unless wireless speakers but then only on the right side,

since left side is completely open.

Im interested in using dipole speakers then on the sides. Would i need dipole speakers aswell for the rear??

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