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Need a center speaker-help

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SO I picked up an Onkyo receiver and 4 speakers. The two fronts are Boston Acoustic CR67's and the rear 2 are CR-57

Unfortunately, there was no center speaker. I wanted to get your opinions on what I should buy to accompany these? Does it matter if it's another brand? Will it sound bad if I go with another?

Our room is a large rectangle. Viewing distance to tv is about 7'. Width of room is about 20'

Not trying to break the bank on this since I need to buy or build a subwoofer as well.

I would appreciate any recommendations.

I will be accompanying this with a subwoofer as well, Just haven't decided on the F-12 or building my own out of an infinity reference driver.
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If you can, buy another CR67 for your CC speaker. If you can't, another brand of CC speaker might work, but it would be a matter of trial-and-error.
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That's a bummer. When you say trial and error, How should I be testing them out exactly? Any specific tests besides using my ears?

Perhaps Boston Acoustic support will have some other suggestions? Though I doubt they would suggest anyone besides themselves.
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The 67s have a 5-1/4" woofer and a 3/4" soft dome tweeter. You could start by trying out CC speakers that have similar drivers - say, two 5-1/4" woofers and a 3/4" (or maybe even a 1") tweeter. And maybe also a similar sensitivity (~89dB) and crossover (2400-2600Hz).

-- Edit --
According to this B.A. PDF, the matching CC speaker is the CRC7.
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Thanks eljay. I actually have been looking for the CRC7 online. Found a couple. I think I will just go with this speaker. Unless others would suggest other possibly good candidates?
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Depends on your budget, but a Martin Logan motion would be nice. If you really want good sound, crisp clear sound in the voices go with the Electromotion C2. They are not cheap but well worth it
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I agree the martin logan sounds great!
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