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Any Receivers with VGA Outputs? Suggestions?

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Hi all..

Long story short, I would like to find a receiver with VGA output. Something affordable. Upscaling to VGA is a must. The only working run from my projector to receiver is VGA (25 feet, in wall). I know I can get an HDMI to VGA converter, but I'm looking to have as little components as possible. If you have any other suggestions, I am open.

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I have a component to VGA cable. Good receivers with component out? It would have to let me input HDMI and output to component.
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An HDMI to VGA converter is your only option, and even that probably isn't going to work. Devices that output analogue video aren't allowed to support HDCP unless they downscale to SD resolutions, so it wouldn't work with Blu-Rays and other HDCP protected content.

I beleive some older AV recieivers released back when HDMI first came out could convert HDMI to component, but they had the same HDCP limitations. Nothing remotely recent will convert HDMI to component regardless.
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forget the hdmi conversion. As suggested, just get a rca to vga cable... "dime a dozen".... connect the individual "red' green, blue" (y,yr,yb) rca connectors to your output of the receiver and the other end (ie. vga connector) to your vga cable .... of course, you need to choose your cable wisely with the right gender cable... :-)
Of course, your receiver needs to have component outs. Further most receiver will NOT convert a hdmi signal to component BUT will switch an incoming component signal to a component or HDMI output.

What model devices (rcvr, projector, blu ray, etc) are you talking about??
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Problem is receivers (nor anything else) do not upscale via component video. If upscaling is a must then it has to go through HDMI.

HD Fury is the device people have been using; I dunno if the mini HD Fury listed above is related or not.
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not sure if it matters as most displays upscale in some fashion anyways and usually do as good or better job.
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Originally Posted by natetom2001 View Post

What if I go HDMI BLU-Ray to Recevier to this: http://www.meritline.com/mini-hdmi-1080p-to-vga-ypbpr-spdif-audio-converter-box---p-86541.aspx?source=fghdac&gclid=CP7hx-eCvLUCFYZcMgodaRAAug then projector?

If it doesn't say it supports HDCP, it's not going to work with copy-protected Blu-Ray discs. An HDFury, which does support HDCP, would work, but as they violate HDCP licence agreement they're not generally available in the US or Canada.

Basically there's no legal way you can transmit video through your VGA cable if its been encrypted with HDCP. You could do it if you don't use HDMI and use component video from all your sources instead. Unfortunately they stopped making Blu-Ray players that output high-definition component video a couple of years ago, so if you don't already have one they're difficult to find.
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