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Here's a URL for the power board if you care to replace the one that you have now. http://www.shopjimmy.com/vizio-09-60cap000-00-power-supply-led-board.htm

So I have replaced all three boards (tcon, power supply and main boards) in my vizio e601i-a3 and I still have the same thin green vertical line in the same place on the display prior to replacing the boards. Any thoughts on what my issue is? Is the an LED issue then?
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First off let me say that Vizio has just updated my TV to software load 2.0.44 from 2.0.21. I don't know what all this upgrade does as I don't see any changes in what I've been doing. Maybe someone out there knows the answer to the changes this load updates.
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So I have replaced all three boards (tcon, power supply and main boards) in my vizio e601i-a3 and I still have the same thin green vertical line in the same place on the display prior to replacing the boards. Any thoughts on what my issue is? Is the an LED issue then?

Let me say that it's very difficult to troubleshoot your TV from my armchair and that's not why I started this post. If I can help in any way then I'm more than happy to be of help but again this is not the purpose of this thread! I have to ask; 1) Where did you buy this TV? 2) Did it always have this green vertical line on it from day one? 3) If bought from an authorized Vizio dealer was the TV covered by the one year warranty? 4) where did you buy the T-Con board and is it covered by a warranty?

Assuming that all the boards you purchased are good, then we have to look at the panel. Don't know if the panel can cause the problem that you are having but I do know that finding a good used replacement is very difficult. One sold for parts on E-bay that has a good panel would be a good start but keep in mind that those sold for parts are mostly because the TV was dropped and the panel is toast. I still think that the T-con board is suspect but that's just IMO.
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Here's what a little googling on the web produced as to T-Con board problems;

T'Con board [Timing Control Board] is one which controls the on screen pixels of an LCD TV. It connects LCD panel to digital Processor section at the main board. This board will be usually fitted to display panel of an LCD TV. In most cases, it will be shielded with a metallic shield to prevent interference. These boards can be defective irrespective of Brand and Model. A defective T'con board can cause, very dark picture, sound but no picture, vertical lines either with the entire screen or will be displayed partially, and with improper color reproduction etc: The first thing to check is its connections. These boards are connected with flat cables. No solder joints. They are connected to small sockets either side, and will be locked. The lock can be released. Release the lock, and reinsert it. In most cases, loose contact or improper connection to these wires can cause several display problems.

Notice the statement on vertical lines.

Here's the answer I received as to the new software load 2.0.44 from Vizio support;

I believe this version update adjusts the menu layout. Also, it added Smart Interactivity. Smart Interactivity is software that intelligently recognizes the content shown on the screen and allows viewers to enjoy additional related content for a more interactive TV experience.
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Great detail.  I just had this happen to me where my e603i-a3 60'' screen just went blank, but with sound. I replaced the Tcon board per your directions form this thread, however it's still doing the same thing. I turn it on the screen goes blue for a few seconds and then it's dark again.. I reset the connectors twice.  Is it possible I got a bad board or another issue? I have googled this a lot, and my problem points toward a bad tcon board.


Side note: I did have some issue getting the black flap up to disconnect the ribbon. I used a flat head screw driver to push it up, so I could disconnect.

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Don't think that using a screwdriver on those connectors would harm anything since the pins are face down, just make sure that all connectors are seated properly. My situation was a bad T-Con board, as soon as I changed it out and turned the TV on the Vizio logo came up on the screen. IMO you still have a bad t-con board or the connectors are not seated properly. Don't know where you got the t-con board from but most vendors have a warranty.
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Actually, got it off of Ebay. It came sealed, and packaged looked like it came from the manufacturer. Plus the guy at a 100% rating with over 400 transactions.


I'm assuming there is no way to know if the tcon board is bad or not?

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Thank you for the quick response too.

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I should say that my mainboard was changed too. I at first thought that the mainboard was the problem since most of the video processing is done there, but after changing it I still had no picture so rather than change back to the original mainboard I left the new one in and ordered the t-con board and after I installed it the vizio logo came on so I knew that the original t-con board was bad and since it was now working I didn't bother to put back the original mainboard (if it aint broke don't fix it), so I think I now have a good spare mainboard but there I go thinking again. Did you get the correct t-con board? It should have had a ZC stamped on the board next to the board number.
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