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need help

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can someone tell me that the airplay does not function with our macbook pro running osx mountain lion. I've noticed that on our ipad if i press the airplay signal it allows me to choose my reciever. however i dont even have that option on my itunes on my macbook. this is frustrating me please help thanks...

i also was reading other threads about subwoofer output along with sound and having to do with the 80hz or 150hz crossovers something to that effect. so what constitutes setting the speakers to large vs. small? i have some small tower speakers they arent monitor speakers but maybe considered small speakers just housed in a tower configuration.
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You havent' mentioned what AVR you are using, however, although written for Denon models, try the tips in the post below to get the Airplay icon to appear on your Macbook ....


Setting speaker to LARGE/SMALL has less to do with the physical size then it does the ability for the speaker to play lower bass frequencies. In general you'll want to set the crossover on the sub to it's maximum setting (eg. 150Hz) and the crossover for the FL/FR speakers to SMALL/80Hz.
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i also found after a very frustrating demo to my wife and a lot digging on the apple forums that airplay only works on 2.4gh and not on 5gh frequency.
Now i was trying to stream youtube and audio from Mac air to an Apple TV. the mac was on 5g frequency and wouldn't do audio only video. I don't have airplay on my receiver but can only assume it will be the same. just my 2 cents

There is some good info on that denon thread. I'll be saving that for reference for future denon installs.
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Thanks guys for your feedback. sorry I havent been on here for a while. have been doing some upgrades and adding some paint to the cave/living room.

however. I have given up on using airplay on my macbook for my Pioneer VSX53. I applogize for not calrifying that at the beginning. Thought my avatar handled that for me.
The airplay function works very well on the IPAD and Iphone and I called pioneer and they told me up and down that it does in fact work with the macbook pro. but when i looked on the troubleshoot site at apple there are quite of few people complaining in regards to this topic. oh well... my guess Ill just use the apple tv to accomplish this. for what its worth the promise of what pioneer tried to accomplish pre apple tv was smart. now imagine how much apple would be losing if both streaming music / video via intergrated airplay in the VSX53.
it would only makes sense to let it just be what it is and not have some sort of firmware or software update to allow both audio/video streaming via idevices through this reciever. it makes life easier for owners of the VSX53 but not so much sense business wise for apple to allow this to happen. just my rant and invalubale 2 cents. hah:pa! thanks guys!
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