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BebnQ W1070 Vs Epson 3020 ( Confused )

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Hey guy's, recently have been looking at the Benq W1070 it seems like a nice PJ and last night went to a Audio Video store just to see what a 3D pj would look like on a screen versus my Plasma Penny, anyways have been offered the Epson 3020 for $1,300 out the door brand new, boy now have to decide which one. I am aware that projector central has the Benq as the #1 but again the review of the Epson was not shabby either., in the long run which one would you pick??????..
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Try both if possible from place(s) that have a good return policy.
The Benq fan noise may be a bit louder but may not be noticeable depending on your mounting location.
The Benq is DLP so you want to make sure you and your family/friends can tolerate rainbows(RBE).
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Was thinking the Ben from Amazon and the Epson locally that can be exchange besides Epson has 2 years policy on sending s new one for replacement is something is wrong, had a mits DLP and it was ok as far as the rainbow by the way no one around me will carry the benQ for display, suppose to inexpensive to sell the profit margin would be small. The Epson goes around $1,600.

The difference on price is $90 more for the Epsom with new 3D receiver, etc., thought that will include every detail.
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Benq, 1 yr, vs 2 yr warranty, a little sharper if your using a computer or like the boost in sharpness vs lcd. Did you look into the cost of 3d glasses or replacement bulbs? Both will be nice pj's to have and make it a difficult choice. I think you should decide on which has the better overall image, that most closely resembles the "plasma" look you want, factoring in the operating costs and warranty.
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I am currently looking at 3D glasses the Epson comes with two so would just need a additional 2, thinking taking a couple of my 3D and going to the Video shop and sample them for 5 minutes each, I am unable to test the BenQ.

I know that I am saving at least $350 on the Epson when comparing to other places but cannot rely on price only but performance, etc.
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The W1070 makes the 3020 look like a toy by comparison. I have had both and the Epson looks less refined and deliver
is a softer image - one that puts the w1070 in a much higher class in my experience. The true deal is the Benq - .not the Epson at the discounted price.
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Thanks for that valuable information it really helps me on deciding , how did you get to compare both?????
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