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For Sale:
Infinity SM-115 Excellent Pair

Will Ship To: Anywhere

A pair of excellent Infinity Studio Monitor SM-115. 3-way. 10" Woofer, 4" midrange, 1" tweeter. Woofer surrounds in excellent condition. Never stored. Always kept in temperature controlled environment. One extremely small scratch on the top surface of one of the speakers. Only affects the grain and is not through the laminate. Is not noticeable from a foot or two away. No tears or snags on the speaker grills. These are the black ones.

This pair makes for excellent home theater fronts and play loud and clear with minimal power.

Available pick up only. Located North Central WV. My father and I are the only owners.

I have a matching SM Center in Chicago that I might be willing to part with if I get a decent offer. Shipping won't be the best.

These speakers are brutes. Sound quality is surprising for what they are. They can easily exceed what is considered comfortable for extended periods of time and maintain clarity. Sensitivity on these rates at 100db / Watt. I believe power handling is in the 175 watt range. So you are looking at theater levels with less than 100 watts. Best of all, you get a pair of them in almost perfect condition. I would have to point out to you were the scratch is.

PM if interested.