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So my tracking is showing that pilot had "recovered at destination" before noon on Thur the 14th. I believe that means it hit Spokane as it shows GEG as the destination (Spokane Wa airport code). It then shows "destination alerted" around 7pm on Thur the 14. Spokane is less then 200 miles away from me so it should have made it down to me (Richland WA) during Fri and I was expecting a call then. However no call Fri or Sat. Delivery estimate is for the 18th before 8pm and its been shown as "departed spokane" since Thur if amazons tracking is to be believed.

It would be PERFECT if I got it tomorrow as I'll be home all day and have a lot of free time. However, if it reaches my town tomorrow and they call, would they bring it right out if I said "Anytime!" Over the phone? Or would they set up a delivery at earliest Tue? Is there anyway I can call them now and set up a delivery for late in the day tomorrow? I can't believe it would take all day Fri and Mon just to get 200 miles... :-/

The rest of the week is pretty busy for me though so Monday would be wonderful, I just haven't received a call yet...