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Samsung UN46C8000 Picture Blinking

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I have owned my 46C8000 for almost 3 years now and it has performed flawlessly, until now. When I am viewing anything, from any source (cable, DVD or BR player etc.) the picture starts vertically blinking (not flickering). It never goes black but just looks like it is "blinking it's eyes." It looks exactly like a person blinking their eyes over and over. I have checked these areas and the blinking persists:

1. The AC wall outlet where my Panamax surge protector is plugged
2. The specific outlet on the Panamax where the C8000 is plugged
3. The HDMI Out cable from my Denon receiver (different cables show the blinking)
3a. I have also bypassed the Denon and gone straight from my TiVo Premiere to the C8000
4. Tried other devices such as my Samsung Blu-ray player and a Pioneer DVR-650H-K DVR burner

I will post a video shortly. A friend who used to have a home electronics repair shop thinks that I may have a popped capacitor or that it may be a power supply issue. The set powers up normally but the blinking begins within 5-10 minutes. It first began blinking about 2-3 weeks ago but was intermittent and did not last too long, the picture would be normal after only a few blinks. The firmware version is T-VALAUSC-1035.0 (not sure of build date).

I purchased it from Magnolia in Seattle (NOT the one in Best Buy) and unbelievably did not buy an extended warranty (!). This is my only TV and I am concerned that a service call will be $$$.

Any ideas?

Edit: I am not streaming anything (don't use it). Also, the TV is on 10+ hours a day, 365.

Wasn't sure which sub-forum to use.
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I recorded a few minutes of the blinking. This clip only shows TiVo Premiere but the blinking is the same with other sources, ie Sammy BR player, OPPO 981 DVD player etc.

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I have a problem with the Samsung un46c8000, I'll pay you for your help. My brother changed the settings of the service menu, and now I do not know the original factory settings of the service menu. 
There are problems: 
1. TV does not turn off with the remote. 
2. Stopped working buttons on the remote 
3. TV does not detect WiFi adapter. 
Probably there are many undetected changes. 
Please help me, show pictures of the service menu with the factory settings. 
I'll pay you! 
Great thanks. 

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