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Kuju Hana Koen 3D Demo

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My new movie, Kuju Hana Koen 3D will be coming out soon. "Kuju is the name of the park, Hana means flower and Koen means park"cool.gif

Kuju Hana Koen is a large flower park located near Mt. Aso in Oita Japan which has large fields of all kinds of flowers and bugs. Posted above is just a small Youtube 3D video sample of some of the scenes that will be featured in the movie itself.

In no way is the above video how the final outcome of the movie will be like, it was thrown together in about 5 minutes just to show some of the amazing 3D I have taken for the movie. The final movie will feature amazing depth, bright colorful flowers popping out of your TV screen from different angles, a few extreme close up shots of dragonfly's, moths, butterflies and beetles and a 5.1 channel surround sound soft piano music track with narration.

Let me know what you think of the 3D below, once I get closer to launching the movie I will post a 3D.iso for download which will show a bit of the movie in it's full 1080p 3D glory to sample on your 3D TV.

I posted this video below before, but it also gives you an idea of the amazing 3D footage that will be shown in this upcoming movie.

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Very Nice! Especially the insects in the second half. Very good quality.
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Coming from you Don, a professional at filming I am happy! I am by far not a pro but tried really hard to get the best 3D and quality possible for this movie.
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I just got my new quad copter and will be adding some aerial 3D footage to this movie once I get used to it and the weather gets better.biggrin.gif
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Looking forward to your quad copter 3D experiments. I gave up on that idea for my desert canyon projects due to the results I saw influenced by wind as well as the size of the copter to lift a quality 3D rig. Decided to put my budget in other directions.
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I'll be following your exploits with the Phantom quadcopter very closely. Since we PMed about it, I've been doing the research. This may not be a perfect solution for aerial 3D, but for my purposes it looks very promising. Fortunately, the MoBot Garden is only 10 minutes away, so I can wait for calm days to get the footage I need. Stability is my number one concern, but it does look like there are solutions. Thanks for sharing this with us, and for the macro shots. Very cool stuff!
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The Phantom should be pretty good once I balance the props and get some isolation from the jello in videos. I will be working on that later today. I have seen some very good footage posted once that is taken care of shot in 2k with the GoPro. You can get some very stable and clear video using it flying nice and slow, but using software to correct it helps more.
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I was thinking that the anti-shake software we use for hand-held footage might help smooth out some of the "jello" problems.
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Yep, many quad flyers use software to make it look good.
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I saw some Phantom footage online which obviously had been slo-mo'ed to half speed. That helped smooth out the experience, too. A calm day + anti-shake software + slo-mo should equal usable footage - not to mention the more expensive anti-vibration devices for its props.
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Frank told me his quad copter would not lift two Go Pro cams for 3D. When you finally get yours working, I'd like you to take some pictures of your rig and how you have the cameras mounted. Some of the best copter video did not use a quad copter but a regular single blade design and it was big, at least 3 ft dia rotary wing. They had a DSLR mounted and it lifted fine. I felt that would be adequate for two GoPros but would cost close to $4000.
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What I'm thinking, Don, is that a 2D rig (single GoPro) might work. Given that it was stable enough, such footage could be used as intro shots for my main sequences, similar to the Google Earth shots in your canyon video. By "pushing" the wide angle video back into the frame, it doesn't look that different than some shots I took at distance without an SBE. Throw a title and drop shadow onto the shots and you achieve some artificial depth. They did something similar to this a few times in the Imax Grand Canyon video.
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Exacty, I been doing this and it looks great. I just gotta build my isolation rig for the GoPro to remove jello and I am good to go.
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