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What to buy

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I am new to this forum and wanted to seek some expert advice. I bought all of my audio equipment when I was about 16, (I am now 24) and am currently looking to get the best bang for my buck. My budget is about 200-400. I think that my money would be best spent upgrading my current receiver. I was looking at the RX-V473 because it seems to be pretty comparable. I don't plan on going to 7.1 anytime soon but would be willing to purchase a 7.1 receiver if it was a better product. So I am looking for some input. I am open to other ideas, and suggestions. My current setup and use:

Reciever: Yamaha HTR-5740
Front mains: JBL E90's
Rear speakers: JBL E30's
Center: Klipsch Synergy C-2
Subwoofer: Klipsch 10" downfiring. (I don't feel like digging it out to see what it is.)

I do most of my home entertainment off of my computer, which it is all hooked into. I stream music, watch movies, and play games all at about the same amount, maybe favoring movies the most. I love the different effects that the Yamaha has, mostly for music. Some of the songs sound really amazing in concert hall. Others I need to switch over to stereo for. Thanks so much!

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The Yamaha RX-473 or one of the Denon entry-level models would be a worthwhile upgrade (Denon 1613, 1713 or 1913 if you want 7.1 eventually). In addition to HDMI, you will get YPAO (Yamaha) or Audyssey room correction software, Airplay/networking, and 3D capability.
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Thanks a bunch for the input! I think I am going to go check out the Denon's today.
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I purchased the rx-v473 to replace my current receiver. I am extremely unhappy with it. A stupid oversight on my part. I didn't notice that on Yamaha's website that the 115 watts per channel is on 1 channel driven. How stupid is that? I will chalk it up to a lesson in marketing I suppose. Now I get to ship this back to Amazon, and go way over my budget so my speakers aren't underpowered. Those JBL's sound terrible under powered...... I already sold my previous amp to pay for my current one.
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What is the efficiency of your speakers? Most manufacturer's give the 1ch at 1khz rating for their bottom end avr's, though they always list a 2ch rating also. It is marketing, but the information is there if you look for it.

There could be a number of reasons for it not sounding they way you like. But unless your listening at ear bleeding levels, or your speakers are inefficient, it may not be a power issue. Most jbl speakers are very efficient and easy to drive. Just remember it takes twice as much power to notice even a slight difference in output.
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Agreed. I don't think insufficient power was the reason for the supposed poor SQ. Was YPAO run? What EQ settings did you use?
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I did play with all of the eq settings and YPAO most of the reviews that I have read say that my e90s are power hogs and need a fair amount of power to come alive. Problem number 2 that has arisen is the fact that my 10" Klipsch Subwoofer amp died about 20 minutes into the process. Anyways the Yamaha is definitely going back. I am looking at getting something a little older with more power. I can get a great deal on an AVR-4806. Would this be a good deal, or would you stick with something newer?
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Did you also try listening with ypao off? A quick look at jbl's website shows the e90 has an efficiency of 91db at one meter, with one watt of power. They should be pretty easy to power. I have no experience with the 473, but it was given a favorable review by home theater magazine.

Home theater's are a hobby though, so if your unhappy you may as well send it back. Without knowing your needs and goals, it hard for me to recommend anything. You didn't mention anything being wrong with your old Yamaha, so I assume you upgraded for more features.
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That your new receiver is actually less powerful than your old one is a distinct possibility, although the lack of power is probably not the only issue. More probably, you just don't like the sonic signature of the new receiver. Some speakers and electronics just don't sound good together. Receivers these days, especially entry level ones, are less about sound quality and more about whistles and bells, many of which require licensing fees. Prices on A/V receivers have dropped over the years, doubly so when one factors in inflation, and so parts quality often suffers. Take away all the "state of the art" whistles and bells and often times the older receiver sounds better.

The best way to compare the sound of the two receivers is to listen to 2-channel music you're familiar with in "pure direct" mode (i.e., no processing and no sub) if it's available. This should help you decide which receiver you think sounds the best.
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Thank you for all of the input. And thank you for the info on my speakers JDEaston. I would not have understood what that meant on my own.
I took a risk and ordered a used Denon AVR-4806. From everything that I can tell this is a much better built reciever, and even though it is older will still do everything I want it to. I was able to pick it up for 300 off of Amazon. My thoughts are if I hate it I can always send it back.
What are your guys thoughts?
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I think you will be happy with it. It's an older avr, but as long as it meets your needs, it should be a great avr for you. It was a top of the line avr when it was made, so build quality should be top notch.

I don't put much into thx select certification, but that denon is thx ultra certified, which is a whole different story in my opinion. Not many avr's are capable of meeting THX ultra spec.
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