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Sony KV32FQ80 CRT color convergenece ?? problem

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Hi to everybody.

I own a Sony KV32FQ80 CRT TV.
Worked without a problem fo many years since now.

The problem is this. When I use anything that displays letters (e.g the menu of the dvb-t receiver) the white letters appear whith a color ghost image on the right and left of each letter (red on the one side and blue on the other).

I know how to get into the service menu of the TV I just dont know if there is a setting to adjust the problem.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

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Yes that's what it sounds like. I've adjusted it on computer monitors which conveniently have convergence adjustments within the front button menu and some have knobs on the HV transformer on the back; they also have both horizontal and vertical (i.e. one would be if the color ghost was above and below).

As far as that particular TV I don't know, hopefully someone here can provide more insight on its service menu. GL!
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I have a very similar problem with my XBR970 that recently appeared. Anytime light text is shown, or a light color on a slightly darker background, a "ghost" image proportional to the light image will show to the right. It seems to have gotten worse over the last few months.

I found the convergence setting in the service menu that the OP might be looking for. It is the CADJ setting in the service menu of the XBR970 that controls the horizontal convergence, and I would assume there is a similar setting in the FQ80. Unfortunately, my issue doesn't seem to be related to horizontal convergence.

I was just about to post a new thread about this issue, but I figured I'd try this thread first. The picture on my xbr970 is still incredible, and have not noticed any other signs of age related issues. I suspect the tube may be going bad, as I bought this TV as a floor model at circuit city back in 2007, and it had been running in full torch mode for at least 6 months.

If this is an issue anyone has heard of/experienced, I would be interested in knowing exactly what it is. The discoloration to the right of the light images is mostly noticeable in text, but can become very noticeable during certain scenes in animation. A good example is the white in the eyes of a character in Family Guy will produce a "discoloration" to the right of their eyes, making it look like the character is wearing a band between their eyes. The discoloration always shows to the RIGHT of the image, which is why I was initially convinced it was a convergence issue.

I will try to provide pictures of the issue when I get home later.
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Probably not much help but I have an old 19" that bled to one side, I think the right. Color was way too strong, I got tired of having to adjust it in the menu every time it lost power so I 'centered it up' using a circuit board pot (probably service menu on later CRTs since circuit board pots went the way of the dodo).

Anyhow there's a 970 thread in AVS somewhere but this 960 thread is pretty active:


Oh yeah, if you're near KC a poster is giving one away! (last post)
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Hi everyone.

Since the CADJ setting is not present in my service menu, does someone have the the service manual of my model ?
If yes I would be grateful if it was posted so I can research more.

Thnx in advance.
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