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Home Theater Advice for New Apartment

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Recently moved into my own place in NYC and have started the process of assembling a home theater for television, movies, and music. I want a nice system that is versatile (I'm renting so I may not be in the same place next year) and great value. I'm willing to spend up to $4,000 for the receiver and speakers but want to get others thoughts on whether I should invest this much in a system for an apartment space that is not ideal and subject to change. Here is the list of my current components:

Television: Panasonic TC-P55ST50
Media Center: BDI Avion Series II
Blu-Ray: Oppo BDP-103

The receiver I'm thinking of buying is the Marantz SR7007. I have no experience in speakers and that's where I'm looking for most suggestions. I'd say the split between TV/Movies and Music will almost be 50/50. Music listening will be for when I have guests over or if I'm working from home. I'm questioning whether I should get a sub as this is NYC and I don't want to annoy my neighbors -- anyone face a similar predicament? I've attached the general layout of my apartment and tried to make it to scale as much as possible. One thing to note -- I only have about 10.5 inches between the walls and my media center on each side for speakers.

Am I crazy to spend that much on a receiver/speaker combo given my situation? What speakers/receivers should I be looking for to help find the right system for me?

Apartment Layout.pdf 44k .pdf file
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Wow, that is a really small apartment! eek.gif

I don't really have much input for you but you might get better response if you posted in the Receivers and Speakers subforums for recommendations on each separately.

If I was you, I'd spend no more than $1K on the receiver (make sure you do get Audyssey XT32, that Marantz only has XT) and put the rest into speakers. Look into Ascend Acoustics (Sierra Towers & Horizon Center - $2900), Aperion Audio (Verus Grand Towers & Center - $2800). Those are just a couple I was considering awhile back and get great reviews here on AVS, I'm sure if you head over to the Speakers subforum you'll get more recommendations.

Good luck!
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