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TV hanging question.

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I have a 55" sony ex500 I want to hang in the alcove in our basement. The TV weighs about 65 lbs. The mount will only have tilt and will be tilted downward about 5-10 degrees.
The back wall of the alcove is almost exactly the width of the TV and has one stud directly in the middle with two more at the very corners of the back wall of the alcove. So, I had planned on a sheet of plywood spanning all three studs and mount the tv mount to that. But, would it suffice to hang the mount with two(maybe even 4 as i think it's a double stud) lag bolts into the center stud and then either 4 mollies or toggle bolts on each side of center? I mean, would this be MORE than enough for it to be secure? I want a safety factor here. But I have to work with what I have.
Thanks for any help!
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What is the thickness of the dry wall. I used these Hilti Togglers http://www.us.hilti.com/fstore/holus/techlib/docs/3.3.16_HTB_349r30.pdf
to hang a 55lb projection screen on 3/4" Rock lath. Each one has a 105lb shear strength in 5/8" dry wall.
Or you can use plywood which should be able to support a truck with your plan.wink.gif
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Thanks for the reply. It is only 1/2" drywall.
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That would be 85lb shear strength X 4 still would be more than enough, very cool product!
Check out the install video
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Sir, I have hung hundreds of TV's on all differerent types of surfaces. Use 2 5/16" X 3.5" lag bolts in the middle stud and it will be more than enough to hold that TV up on a tilt mount. You can use toggles on the outside corners if it makes you feel better but the weight of the TV will be held by the lag bolts. Those Hilti togglers are awesome, I use them all the time but they are really unnecessary here.
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You guys are awesome, thanks!
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I'd try to tie into the center stud if it were my house.

I had odd stud spacings above my fireplace, so I put two lags in the center stud. Then used 2 pretty beefy toggles on each side. That made me feel better about the whole mount wanting to rotate on me.
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Well, It's up on the wall. It's a pretty meager set up but it's an improvement on what it was. The whole alcove used to be white, the center channel tucked into the stand and the xbox on the floor. So over all it looks way better. I just hate how my speaker placements have to be. Super close to the wall and with no sound dampening right now.

I basically have the two 5/16" 3.5" lags in the center stud and 4 togglers only on the right hand side. Nothing on the left. Apparently the level included on the mount was crooked. I confirmed this with my own level, but the damage was done so I couldn't get any of the left hand toggler bolts in if I wanted the mount somewhat straight. I did hang a fair amount of my weight(215 lbs) on the bracket though and it doesn't budge. So I *HOPE* my 60 lb tv will be ok.

Any tips to improve my setup in this confined space are welcome. Specifically to speaker placement.

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I think it looks GREAT cool.gif
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