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Center speaker stand

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My new theater setup uses floorstanding fronts and a rather large center speaker (23" w × 11" d × 8" h). This will be placed just below the screen, but I need something to set it on. It's too large to wall-mount and the port is in the back anyway. I suppose I could set it on top of the subwoofer but it would hang off the sides and then of course it would get all the vibration from the sub.

I'm not an audio guy but I certainly don't want to degrade the sound unnecessarily. Is it dumb to just buy a small TV stand to set this on? Most seem to be taller than what I'm looking for. Ideally this speaker would sit about 17" above the floor.

A little research led me to fancy speaker stands with carpet spikes and isolator feet and possibly an angled shelf to aim the speaker. Is that what people typically do? And any advice on where to look for something like this that's in line with the mid-grade speakers I'm using? (The center speaker cost about $130.) I'm really just looking for something simple, matte black, that will disappear in the room. Thanks!
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When I went to a floor stand for my center I found a decent VTI center stand for about $40 I think it was. It's a tad lower than I wanted; it sits below the lower edge of my panel by a bit whereas I'd like to have had it closer to the lower edge of the panel. It sits in front of my sub, which is my tv stand--inert design no issue with vibration. Has a slight angle up towards the listening position and somewhat matches my matte black left and right stands (which I got with the L/C/R speakers when buying used, he wanted to keep his center stand). My center was about $350 so relatively the stand meant less to me. You could always make your own if you have some wood skills/tools....
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Had the same issue recently. I settled on this stand that's just under $80 on Amazon. It's working out pretty well so far, though my center speaker is less wide than yours. According to the listing, the top is only 11.75" wide, so you'd have quite a bit of overhang. Maybe two side-by-side, if that's not out of your budget?
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Anything taller? I thought that the center needs to be ear level. I don't see 18 inches being anywhere near ear level.
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Originally Posted by Prime316 View Post

Anything taller? I thought that the center needs to be ear level. I don't see 18 inches being anywhere near ear level.

Well, if you have your tv at eye level sitting on the couch, ear level for the speaker would put it smack in the middle of the screen....thus the shorter specialty center stands with a slight upward tilt (as well as accommodating a speaker on it's side so to speak with larger shelf size). Use a regular height stand as for L/R if your screen or tv doesn't interfere at ear height...
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