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Help needed on complete system purchase

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Very noob when it comes to surround speakers and receivers.

Is this setup Overkill in a 12x22 foot room?

Will the center and L/R drown out the surrounds?

This setup is near the top of the budget.

Primarily will be used for movies, occasionally for music. I would never blare it and always keep it in the 'comfortable on the ears' volume levels.

However I want to at least be as good as what I am replacing which gave off good sound in my opinion. Being 2 Kenwood Tower speakers that each had a 10in, 5in, and 1in speaker and a 80 watt receiver

Considering purchasing:

Center: One Polk Audio CSi A6
Left and Right: Two Polk Audio RTi A3 (no room for tower speakers)
Surround: Four Polk Audio Blackstone TL3 (like their smaller dimensions)
Sub - Polk DSW Pro 550 WI on sale with $300 rebate instead of the free Polk PSW111 (Sub Rebate is primary reason for Polk)

Receiver - Denon AVR-1913 or similarly priced model

Thanks for any feedback
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I think that the sub is lackig quite a bit. I have heard some of the polk subs and to be honest, very disappointing. Instead consider the Bic pl200.

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