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We never watch live TV and currently TiVO everything if nothing else just to skip commercials. We also all use smartphones to control everything. So i am considering getting rid of the TiVOs in favor of a media host computer tuner (Ceton or HDHomeRun) and then put media extenders on the TVs. Since all TV watching would be on TVs, we aren't that interested in watching TV on computers but watching on iphone/ipad would be nice.

So the question is it a bad idea to get one of the tuner units and put a media server in our IT closet and then just use media servers for all the TVs? we have gigabit ethernet to all the TV locations now so bandwidth/wiring shouldn't be an issue. Ideally there will be a single App that we can run for programming the recordings.

Right now i am leaning towards the Ceton tuner and ceton media centers.

any advice would be appreciated.