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Hey all. I bought an AudioSource AMP-100 that I will use to amplify the pre-outs on my 5.1 Receiver to allow it to be 7.1 (just amplifying the two surround backs). The two speakers I'm using for this are two JBL LOFT 30's.

So I have everything hooked up and everything is working beautifully. So to make sure it's all absolutely perfect I bring my ear to every speaker to make sure there is no static. The 5.1 speakers powered by my Pioneer VSX-820-K are dead silent when there is no sound. I now check the two SB and they have a sound. So what I did now is I disconnected everything and just brought the amplifier and a speaker into my bedroom.

I turn the amplifier on. The top part of the speaker makes a whooshing noise like "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (like what you do when you tell someone to be quiet). The bottom part of the speaker makes a buzzing noise," bzzzzzzzz",

If I turn down the volume the top part (the whooshing) becomes quieter until it's faint, but the bottom part's buzzing stays.

Is the amplifier bad? Is this dangerous? Does it affect sound quality. Can I use it like this. I can only hear it if my ear is 12 inches or closer and the room and quiet for the most part.

I'm at my wits end.

And FWIW I tried using a speaker from the silent 5.1 and they make the same noise so it's not the speaker. The wire for these two speakers is thinner than what I use for the 5.1 if that makes a difference.