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Denon AVR 1613 ARC and Sony KDL55HX750

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Hello all

I've searched in vain for how to get the ARC working between these two. I have HDMI control turned on in the tv and in fact, I had this working initially for a while. I then, hung my tv and hid all the cables - now I can't get it working again and the standard reply on any forum has been "use an optical cable" - but I can no longer hide another cable and cant have an ugly coax cable hanging down my wall. I have the required hdmi cable.

Anyone using the same or similar devices and could share their successful settings and situation would be much appreciated.
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If you haven't already, check out post #3 in the Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's thread linked in my sig. Among the various informational items noted in that post is the one on ARC below ....

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Thanks for the help. I did previously see that info and non of it seemed to fix the issue. However, in the course of restarting, I reversed the power on order, and had the reciever on first, followed by the tv. For some reason that worked, if indeed it was the reason....

I'l see how long it lasts and whether the same action will fix it...

Thanks again
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After some months of ignoring it, I'm back at this issues which irritates.

Got it to work once by pure chance and didn't even realise it was working till later - can't reproduce the steps. I'm feeling like this is something stupid I'm overlooking - it can't be this hard. One thing I do notice is that the receiver does not appear in the hdmi controllable devices list, and I can't get it to show up there. I suppose that would be an indicator of a problem right?

Cable is rated for it, plugged into correct place.

Any more ideas welcome

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