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Pure direct

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I'm waiting for my Salk speakers to come in I have a question. I have a Yamaha RX-773 reciever, the Salks will be in my 5.1 system but when I want to listen to music and have reciever set to pure direct the sub is not activated. Is there any to get the sub working since the Salks don't go down real low?
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Pure direct modes rarely if ever activate a receiver's subwoofer output. Stereo modes are generally the answer to that problem.

If you must run in pure direct, probably your simplest answer is to drive the sub via speaker level inputs, sharing the signal with your mains.
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DIRECT and PURE DIRECT modes will generally disable bass management so you would need to set the sub to LFE+Main to crossover the lower bass to the sub.
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Double bass rather defeats the purpose of using PURE DIRECT in the first place, to have an entire analogue route for analogue inputs, or no additional digital processing for digital inputs.

It's a bit like ordering a low salt diet and then add salt on the table.biggrin.gif

Might just as well or even better use stereo.

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You could add a a separate bass management controller for your sub instead of the receiver which would route bass being sent to your speakers to your sub..
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What is PCM mode? When I put a cd in and I want to hear the sub the PCM mode is on my reciever. Should I be listening to music in this mode?
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it's not exactly a mode. SOund is stored on CD using a system called pulse code modulation (PCM). so when you transfer sound digitally from CD to the receiver, what the receiver receives is PCM. It's display is probably just telling you that.
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Why are you so set on using Pure Direct? Stereo sources do not have a .1 channel. The only way to get your sub involved with stereo playback is to use bass management, which reroutes the lowest frequencies from the full range channels to the sub. Pure Direct bypasses bass management and all other digital processing. I suggest you set your speakers to small and not use Pure Direct.
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I thought that was the best way to listen to 2 channel music.
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For some perhaps, although most would likely prefer the benefit that the Auto EQ provides for the speakers.
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The value of Pure Direct depends on many individual variables. It bypasses nearly all of the processing in the receiver, pretty much turning it into an amp. No room correction or bass management. If you need bass management because your speakers can't handle low frequencies as well as your sub, then Pure Direct may not be the best for you.
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