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Well said doughman. The telcos and cable companies must be forced to more aggressively compete, the irony is that the "hands off" approach to regulation is making them paradoxically serve a progressively worse product at anti-competitive rates. Either it should be considered a utility or there needs to be iron-clad rules about walls between broadcasters, content creators and ISPs and how much market share they're allowed.
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100% correct, I have basic cable just because i get broadband cheaper that way.

People here are so brainwashed anymore that they are willing to pay for being fed nonstop
commercialized television, so the cableco is making money both ways, when commercialized
cable should be free.

I have a giant antenna on a rotator in the hilltop attic, and by 9PM I get HDTV from 90
miles away, daytime regularly 12 channels day/25 night in my isolated town.

With Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Vudu i get everything i may want and more.

XXXX greedy companies!
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I agree. I work hard to pay my fios triple play bill. The dvr is pretty good for recording shows depsite having minor slowdowns after fast fwding and rewinding. I rarely record sd content. Netflix streaming is great and amazon prime video is neat.
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Just remember, it only works until enough people cut the cord that the media providers are not making enough money to justify the business, then either they will need to increase the costs that streamers pay to stream content or they stop producing it. You can't have a free lunch forever. If production costs add up to $200,000 and sales of the finished product drop to low then the investors paying for the production costs stop making money. At that point the production folds and you get no more content. If everybody cut the cord and all broadcasts went commercial free where do you think the money would come from to produce the content you enjoy? Commercials came about to pay for the costs associated with the production of broadcasting and, unless they go to a pay per use pricing strategy, you will always have commercials. If it goes to a pay per use strategy and each persons purchase needs to be tallied the increased costs of processing these payments will result in prices that are higher than you likely will be willing to pay for the content. At that point you will be wondering what happened to the cable companies. Why does everybody now believe that they are entitled to get everything for nothing or next to nothing?
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