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Audio Distortion DirecTV

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I know other folks must be having this issue, but have only seen a few posts on it. I have a DirecTV HR24-500 with a Bose Lifestyle system that just got upgraded from an older Lifestyle system. At first I thought it was the speakers but now that everything has been disconnected and totally redone, I'm finding it's not the sound system at all.

There's an audio distortion that sounds like the speakers have been blown out from being turned up too loud. It's mostly obvious on the rear surround speakers and is like a buzzing echo-type noise that happens on every direcTV channel, some more than others. It has only started occurring in the last few months and has gotten worse this month.

My set up is the HR24-500 and PS3 connected to the Lifestyle system via HDMI, all displayed on a Panasonic Plasma. I've never heard an iota of distortion on the PS3, which is clear as a bell. The only distortion is on the DirecTV broadcasts. The weird thing too is that it's not on all broadcasts, just certain TV shows. The kicker is that last night, I also noticed the same distortion coming through my computer speakers when watching TV on the Slingbox connected to DirecTV.

Is anybody else having similar issues? I'm hoping that enough folks will complain so that DirecTV would fix this. It's driving me nuts!!
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I have D* and don't have your distortion issues, however I did set my D* receiver to only output in stereo - I find that most of the 5.1 mixes on D* are severely lacking in quality and everything just sounds better in 2.0 then matrixed to 5.1 or 7.1.
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