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I recently replaced my old receiver with the Yamaha YHT-S401BL receiver/soundbar. I've had the Sony blu-ray player for years now so it's not a new part of the setup.

When watching blu-rays, often after about 10 or 15 minutes of viewing, suddenly the movie will stop and I will be returned to my player's main menu. If I then start the movie again, it will play to completion with no other incident. It's an annoying break in the action because some blu-rays have lengthy load times before they start playing again.

This never happened with the old receiver, so I assume the YHT-S401BL is at fault.

I should also note that my old receiver did not support HDMI, so having an HDMI connection between the receiver and player is new to my setup.

I know that there is an option to have the receiver control the blu-ray player via HDMI, but I've checked the settings on both the receiver and the player and I think I have this disabled.

Any ideas why blu-rays would suddenly stop playing after 10 or 15 minutes, but only once?