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The OFFICIAL Insignia NS-55E480A13A Thread

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I couldn't find allot of info online about this model, so I thought I'd start this thread.

I picked up the Insignia NS-55E480A13A this past week from Bestbuy. I was replacing a 5 year old 42" Insignia LCD. I had zero issues with my previous Insignia LCD and was very happy with it (for the price).

I did allot of research and spent countless hours online reading reviews and comparing prices. I was not in the market for a 3D TV and wasn't interested in a SMART TV. I settled on this TV due to the price (under $700). It also had mostly favorable reviews and looked good at the store (compared to the other models that were in my price range). I'm no videophile, so I don't need the best display on the market, but I do appreciate a good picture.

The new TV is mounted on a tilt bracket above our fireplace mantle. Our viewing distance is about 8-9 feet. I have an HD DVR, Samsung Blu ray player, and an XBOX 360 hooked to it.

First Impressions...


The first thing I noticed was how thin this TV is (less then 2" thick). This is a BIG difference from my previous LCD. I was also surprised by how lightweight the TV is (just 50 lbs for a 55" TV). The thin bezel around the TV is a nice touch, but I'm not too thrilled with the visible speakers at the bottom of the set. The bezel has a glossy finish that can be a bit distracting in a bright room. It was nice to get a much larger screen while not really taking up that much more wall space.

NOTE: The included power cord is a bit short (less then 5'). This may not be a big deal for some, but I had to go to Radio Shack and purchase a longer one.

Out of the box the picture was not very good. After a few minutes tweaking I was pretty happy. I started with the settings from the CNET review (listed below).

---Picture settings menu---
Picture mode: Custom
Brightness: 51
Contrast: 49
Color: 40

--Advanced Video menu--
Dynamic Backlight DCR: Off
Backlight: 20
Insignia 120 Hz: Off
Aspect Ratio: Normal
Color Temp: Warm
Overscan: OIff
Noise Reduction: Off
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 10
Adaptive Contrast: Off

I found these settings to be a good starting point. I'm still trying to find the best settings for watching sports (Basketball). Any Recommendations?

The Sound is pretty week, but I'm running the sound thru an external receiver...so it isn't an issue. From what I've read, the sound is not so great on any of these LED TV's. As I mentioned earlier, the speakers are visible at the bottom of the TV and add to the thin bezel that surrounds the TV. You would think that this may help wit the sound quality, but it doesn't. Just a bad design choice.

The remote is very light and feels very, very cheap. I do like the button layout, but I don't plan to use it very much. The remote from my old Insignia TV was 100x's better and was even backlit.

NOTE: Insignia does offer plenty of remote codes via their website.

This TV does not have any bells & whistles. It lacks 3D and doesn't include any SMART features or Wifi. It is certified to work with the Roku Streaming Stick.

UPDATE: I have added the Roku stick. It took less then 5 minutes out of the box to setup. It plugs into the MHL port on the back of the TV. Full featured Roku without having to add a separate box. You can use the Insignia remote or the included Roku game remote. Apps load quickly and were very responsive. I could tell no difference in the Roku stick vs a Roku box (I also have a Roku LT). Streaming video in 1080p looks great! I also like that it supports dual band wifi (b/g/n).
The only downfall is having to run an optical audio cable from the TV to my receiver for 5.1 sound.

So far I pretty happy with my purchase. The TV is exactly what I wanted (for the price). I still plan to tweak the settings and I'm looking forward to adding the Roku stick. I would recommend this TV to anyone who wants a decent size TV (55") and is on a budget (under $700).

Does anyone else have this TV? If so, what are your thoughts? Also please share your settings.
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I have noticed that this TV loses it's custom picture settings?! Not sure if this is a defect with just my TV or a design flaw? Over several days of use the TV reset the custom picture settings a couple of times. Not sure what caused the resets, but it's not every time the TV is powered off/on?
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Note: Picture settings are normally set and saved for each resolution received over each separate input port for each picture mode.
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Updated my original post to include my Roku Stick review.
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I've been looking into this TV, but I can't seem to get much info on the remote. If I were to purchase this TV, I'd definitely be interested in using it with the streaming stick. Is there any chance you could post a picture of the remote? Also, if you have another remote, can you program it to control the Roku functionality? I really just want to be able to use the TV with one remote to control volume and Roku functionality, whether that's with the Insignia Remote or something else.
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Originally Posted by fefzero View Post

I've been looking into this TV, but I can't seem to get much info on the remote. If I were to purchase this TV, I'd definitely be interested in using it with the streaming stick. Is there any chance you could post a picture of the remote? Also, if you have another remote, can you program it to control the Roku functionality? I really just want to be able to use the TV with one remote to control volume and Roku functionality, whether that's with the Insignia Remote or something else.

Here is a pic of the remote...

Here is a link to the remote codes...

As I mentioned above, the remote is very cheap. I would recommend using another remote. Any of the remotes listed in the link should work fine controlling the Roku stick.
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Does anyone know if the NS-55E480A13A has the same horrible lag issue as the NS-55L260A13 with console games?

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Thanks, kevlo9. The button layout looks good enough, so I just might move forward with this. The only real reason I ask about the original remote is because it will go in our family room which is often used by our little kids. If they killed the original remote it looks like we'd survive without too much trouble finding a replacement without worrying that we'd lose the Roku functionality.

If this set goes on sale again before something else pops up, I'll probably get it.
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Anyone else have this TV? Please share your thoughts and your custom settings.
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Auto Motion 120Hz Turn itself on, every time you turn the TV on!

Today I called the Insignia customer service number (1877-467-4289) to report this problem. I bought the NS-55E480A13A a few days ago and, like you, noticed that the 120Hz Insignia Motion feature turns itself on every time I turn on the TV. Needless to say, I dislike the soap opera look on movies or any other content.

To fix this I have to do the work-around of going to the Picture Menu, turn the Auto Motion On, then off again. You have to do this every time you turn the TV on to disable it. This is very frustrating.

The customer service representative told me that he never heard of this issue and that he will send this case to their tech department. He later acknowledged that this issue is documented in their forum (I told him so). In the mean time they are sending a technician to my house to take a look at my TV. I told the rep that this may be useless since the problem is not with the hardware and the technician may need to re-program the software of the TV to fix it. The rep said that the technician will do just that. The rep told me that I have the option of returning the set for another one and encouraged me to do that. I decided to keep the set and see if the technician can fix this. I am hesitant to exchange the set for another set of the same model because I suspect that all units of this model have the same problem since the firmware (ver. 2.04), according to the rep, has never been updated. I do not like the non-LED version of this brand therefore I don’t want to exchange it for that unit. I encourage all of you to call and report this. The Insignia rep hinted that, unless they receive a lot of complaints, they may not address this with a new firmware.

Yesterday, a technician from the GeekQuad arrived at my home to take a look at the TV. He told me that there is no fix for this problem; 120Hz feature turning itself on every time the TV is turned on. He offered to change the motherboard but suggested that it may of no use since the problem is with the firmware. He advised me to contact you and hope that a new firmware is released soon. I am attaching the order I received by email. Note that the order information shows on the repair description field: “there is no fix for the complaint according to insignia.” The visit, covered by the warranty, cost was $150.
I hope a new firmware is released to address this issue.

Please call Insignia to report this!!!

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BTW the best settings for this TV (in my humble opinion) are

Constrast: 52
Color: 42
Brightness: 50
Color Temp: Medium
Tint: 0
Backlight: (it depends, with lights off, at night, 20. Lights on, during the day, up to 30)
Sharpness: 30
Automotion: off
AutoContrast: off
(all the other stuff off)
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Glad I found this page. I have had the TV for a week and have noticed a several time that it has a "lag" of "jitter". I am still thinking of returning the TV and spending a little more for something else. Although, I do not want or need the 3D or Smart TV stuff. I will give the settings listed above a try and see how it goes. Thanks for the info!
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Just bought this set on Saturday. Best Buy had it mismarked by $150 so got a great deal! I almost feel like going into Best Buy every Sunday morning to see what other stuff they mismark. iPhone scanner comes in very handy sometimes. ha

Anyways, so far so good. The 42" Insignia I had for three years prior worked wonders so I had no second thoughts on buying the 55".
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Does anyone know if the NS-55E480A13A has the same horrible lag issue as the NS-55L260A13 with console games?

Yes, this TV has some LAG issues when using the XBOX 360. I've noticed that using a PC Resolution (from the XBOX 360) helps with this.
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Insignia is looking into the Auto Motion 120Hz issue. Hopefully we'll see a firmware fix soon.

Below is a fix that works better then going into the advance video setting to disable the 120Hz...
When I turn on the TV, rather than going to the advanced menu, I just cycle through the 5-6 different picture settings. This appears to fix the problem. Once I cycle through and get back to the "custom" setting I find that the Insignia Motion 120hz setting is again disabled.
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I just ordered the 55" NS-55E480A13A LED TV but haven't taken delivery yet.

I just called Insignia and they don't acknowledge that there's a problem with the insignia motion 120 Hz function turning itself back on automatically. They assured me that it's not a general problem for this model TV. I'm skeptical, given your report.
Wonder if I should cancel my order.
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Just found this on a Insignia Forum for similar TV - the non LED version.

"I would suggest disabling the "Power on in Vivid Mode" setting, which can be found in the "Reset to Defaults" section of the "Settings" menu.
Insignia™ Support"

Could this be resetting to "on" the InsigniaMotion 120Hz too?
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If I were you I would cancel the order and go with another brand. Here is link to their own forum where a lot of people complained about this issue (120Hz turning itself on every time you turn the TV on).

Insignia did acknowledge the problem in their forum but refuse to fix it. You can check their response here:


Here is what they said:

Hello all,

Thank you for your patience while we’ve researched this issue. After discussing the problem with our engineers and manufacturing partners, we recommend that you employ one of the following workarounds when the Insignia Motion feature has been previously turned off, but is enabled when the TV is next powered on:
• Via the on screen Menu, reset the Insignia Motion 120 feature to OFF.
• Via the on screen Menu, cycle through the Picture Settings using your remote control (with thanks to scorey35)
The information you have provided has been shared with our Product Managers and engineers and will be used in the development of future TV models. We’re grateful for your enthusiasm for Insignia TVs and regret any inconvenience to you.

Insignia™ Support
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Originally Posted by kevlo9 View Post

Yes, this TV has some LAG issues when using the XBOX 360. I've noticed that using a PC Resolution (from the XBOX 360) helps with this.

So does this set work OK with the XBOX? Have you tried it with computer games?


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I just got this tv a few days ago. I too am having the issue with 120Hz being enabled after the tv is turned off and back on again, but for the price I paid I'll live. As far as gaming goes, there was a very severe lag but I was able to fix it by disabling overscan in the menu. Now it is lag free.
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Yeah, I decided to cancel and order the Samsung PN51F5300A plasma for same price. Theoretically it should have a better picture than the Insignia but I'm wondering if I'll be happy with the size as it's only 51". I'll be sitting in the 8 - 10 foot range. We'll see when I get it on Saturday.

Besides the known issues how's the picture quality been for everyone with the Insignia?
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The picture quality is actually pretty good. Is way better than any other LCD below $1000. It has relatively deep black levels, the screen uniformity is excellent, and colors are vibrant. People who have seen it at my place have commented on how good it looks. I had previously bought an LG 55LS4600 that was horrible and return it right away. This is way better in terms of picture quality. however it has that flaw and Insignia won't fix it.
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I've had this tv for a few months now and I'm very happy with it. the picture is clear and although it shows lag very now and then but not enough to bother me. I bought mine for $529 on sale. I had bought the 46" Insignia but once I saw this one on sale I decided to return the 46" and get the 55" for $50 more. I did the adjustments as suggested above and the tv looks great. I don't think I have the 120hz issue but I will double check. Overall I am very happy with the tv and will recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive LED tv. You cannot beat the size you get for the price.
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I bought this set a few months ago, and am pretty happy with the thing. Great display, thin profile.. I wasn't looking for a smart TV as I use stand-alone Google TV boxes on all of my sets so that when I upgrade the smart portion of my TV I wont have to replace the whole thing! (also, cheaper than the built-ins)

I was having the same issue as everyone else with the Auto Motion 120Hz turning back on after power cycling, but a new firmware was released on the Insignia product page that solved all my problems! click here

I am having a hard time with the awful HDMI delay. It seems that even with all enhancements turned off there is still a slight lag that I can't get rid of. I don't notice it until I try and hook my computer up to the thing via HDMI and play anything needing quick thumbs. My workaround is using the VGA in, absolutely NO lag. Also luck that this set can take audio in from my PC and still spit it out to my external speakers!
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Im thinking about purchasing this tv since it is on sale locally for a price that can't be beat for a 55" LCD.

always thought smart TV was a gimmick for those who don't know what hdmi output from their pc/laptop/tablet so thats not a problem.

what is this lag issue im reading about

i play a lot of video games. xbox 360. and will probably get next gen systems.

will this "lag" be a problem>
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Got it about 4 months now. So far so good. Great price and great picture. They sent a fix for the 120hz thing too.
Now if it lasts as long as my old Mitsubishi 45" did (over 13 years) I'll really be happy!.
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i just noticed theres a version with an A and without the A



They look similar with same specs.

So this TV does have the Soap Opera Effect? I actually like it lol. I was looking into a Vizio that also claimed 120hz, but was reading another user here on AVS saying he was looking for the SOE and it could not be enabled.
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